Lost Boys of Sudan
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Lost Boys of Sudan is an amazing documentary about refugees from Sudan's Darfur conflict finding haven in the US. It's premiering on PBS tomorrow. Their website has local PBS listings as well as locations and times of upcoming screenings in the US. From sleeping on the ground in a UN refugee camp to working at WalMart in Dallas, the men in the film undertake an enormously difficult, but ultimately life-saving journey.
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Given the time it takes to make a documentary and the 2003 release date, it's likely that the men featured in this film were fleeing the North/South civil war that wracked Sudan for the past two decades, rather than the year-old conflict in Darfur. The path from refugee camp to WalMart is likely to be even more difficult for the Darfur refugees, given the effect of post-9/11 immigration policies within the US. Looking forward to seeing the film.
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It's a fantastic film -- one of the best documentaries I've ever seen.
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I saw this in October 2003 at the Heartland Film Festival. As obruni says, they're fleeing the civil war, rather than the current Darfur conflict. Well worth watching--I recommend it.
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Sorry about that. I actually watched it a while back and threw this post together rather hastily today. I have not educated myself nearly enough on the subject. The focus of the film is their integration into American life, their detachment from their origins and, as time goes by, each other. It reminded me very much of the stories of what my Dad and other immigrating family members have gone through, leaving the old country far behind. Quite touching.
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Some of the lost boys ended up in Salt Lake City and are friends of friends of mine -- I've met a number of them at some social events. I don't know if I'm imagining it or if the sense of pioneering and gratitude for just being alive is palpable. I'd love to see this.
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I'm confused. I thought walmart was evil.
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One of the few refugee groups to get their own Red Cross page. Widely written up globally and locally, even in unexpected places. Discussed previously; the NY Times Magazine feature remains free.
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I'm confused. I thought walmart was evil.

Well, go see what the guy who winds up working there has to say about it. Here's a hint: he doesn't spend the whole movie dancing around and slapping his own ass because he's so happy to have found work in the US.
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