Reassuringly Diabolic
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Inferno Cargo, subsidiary of Sable + Shuck. Advertising interests me, but if it doesn't you, this will waste your time.
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More links to come, but not just yet...
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From what I can tell, it's supposed to sell Stella Artois. It's cool, but it doesn't really make me want to drink beer. Which is weird, because most things make me want to drink beer.
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My favourite aspect are the print ads, which I was saving. I'd much prefer to comment on viral marketing than inadvertantly take part in it, but then I didn't want to spoil the mystery ;)

Some info I put together elsewhere:

Flicking through the pages of a magazine I came across a fantastic print ad for Stella Artois. You can view the advert, and others, at Eye on Ads (click the image to view the series; the second was the one I came across). Each features a very dapper looking Lucifer (you'd hardly notice but for the claws and hooves) selling Stella Artois in exchange for souls. In the background of the ad I noticed that plan bears a logo with Inferno Cargo underneath. What do you know? Stella Artois are going in for a little viral marketing: Infernal Cargo have a website, ostensibly offering cargo carrier services. Their services include shipping cars, food and clothes. And also telekinesis, necromancy and debauchery. Apparently they're a subsidiary of Sable + Shuck, "the oldest Futures Trading Company in the world". The Sable + Shuck site is certainly worth an explore. ad-land have also taken a look.

I should have mentioned that the pictures are a bit small to make out the detail - which is where the fun is - the hooves, the pentagrams on the contracts, "inferno cargo" on the plane in the second picture. If anyone has a link to larger versions of the images I'd be quite pleased.
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thanks for the link nthdegx. :)

Other parts of this puzzle, the Horn Church Star, and Trident Air as seen on the airplane in the background of one of the ads.
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