Stalking Prince William...?
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Stalking Prince William...? There's been an upsurge in applications to St Andrew's from US high school students -- mostly female -- after news of William's choice of university. (Whether Britney Spears is applying to do Physics, I don't know.) Talk about great publicity... (more inside)
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It also comes on the back of a massive increase in US applications to study in the UK: up 10,000 on last year. Overseas tuition fees are often lower than those at home: St Andrew's, for instance, charges £6950 or £9175, depending on whether your course is lab-based or not. So are American colleges driving students abroad?

It's also worth remembering that Prince William will be paying the standard English tuition fee of £1050...
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>Whether Britney Spears is applying to do Physics, I don't know

She's been there, done that.
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i'm just glad that I can now voice unto the world that Wills is a hottie and not be seen as some sick freak. thank god he turned 18 already! now i can just be seen as a mrs. robinson--and i can live with that.
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It's interesting to note that he got a C in biology. I wonder what professor would have the cahoneys [sic?] to fail the prince of England.And that is one loud vest.
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Prince William is a jug-eared Bertie. He's also thick - see his A-level results.
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I don't think an A and a B in two arts subjects and a C in a science subject are fair grounds to classify him as thick - apart from anything else presumably he isn't primarily focused on academic success. Damn, I can't believe I'm defending the intelligence of the royals.
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