"Bringing Capitalism and Democracy Closer Together"
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"Bringing Capitalism and Democracy Closer Together" My recent move to Seattle has lessened the value of my vote from $16.31 to $12.36. Aw, shucks.
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The litter of "Sell Your Vote!" lemonade stands accross the net dissapoint me. "Corporations are evil! Politicians sell their campaigns to the highest bidding evil corporation! Fight the man! Sell your vote!" Pretty hypocritical, if you ask me. If you really beleive in this country, don't sell your vote and don't take the easy road and go for the lesser evil. Vote for who you want to be president. If you don't want any of the choices, then it's still your responsibility to flex your power. Vote for some third party who's excluded from the mainstream. Vote against those politicians you loathe. This has been a public service announcement.
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Sigh. I don't think you people understand the nature of power, and frankly it pisses me off. Your vote is meaningless. There will be antarctic copper smelters. There will be alaskan labor camps. There will be mass-murder on a scale heretofore unimagined. There's no point in talking about voting, when people like me exist.
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You have heard that Chicago is trying to shut these guys down, haven't you? I assume the suit is based on "prior art".
posted by harmful at 5:38 PM on October 8, 2000

Hey John,
Welcome to my hometown! Let me know if you wanna run around town and throw some bombs. I'm usually at the Baltic Room on Wednesdays...
posted by black8 at 12:50 AM on October 9, 2000

The litter of "Sell Your Vote!" lemonade stands accross the net dissapoint me

I think I'll sell my vote and vote for whomever I choose. Ain't capitalism grand?

"If it wasn't for disappointments, I wouldn't have any appointments."

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Coming from Chicago I guess I have to make the adjustment from guns to bombs. I may have a place to live soon, so I'll see about looking that place up.
posted by john at 3:25 PM on October 9, 2000

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