This is Pinky. He's a very loving cat.
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This is Pinky. He's a very loving cat. [Link to Coral cache, 1.9MB WMV file, playable in mplayer]
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Original here if the Coral link doesn't work for you.
posted by majick at 5:07 AM on October 1, 2004

Comedy gold.
posted by Pretty_Generic at 5:10 AM on October 1, 2004

proof that cats are in fact satan spawns.
posted by mrplab at 5:28 AM on October 1, 2004

That's an oldie... but a goodie indeed.
posted by Witty at 5:32 AM on October 1, 2004

The whole concept of cat-on-leash is fundamentally flawed.
posted by nthdegx at 5:51 AM on October 1, 2004

This is Pinkey, he's a terrified cat. He hates the collar and leash. He isn't keen on the fuckwit handling him. Pinkey love, I'd give up on humans now.
posted by Arqa at 5:54 AM on October 1, 2004

I was feeling really sorry for the cat until about the last fifteen seconds.

Way to go Pinky!
posted by Cyrano at 5:58 AM on October 1, 2004

One of my favourite things on the internet, ever.
posted by Hogshead at 6:11 AM on October 1, 2004

That one seems to get endless play on those “peculiar things caught on camera” shows here; kind of makes me cringe though as the thing is so obviously in extreme distress.
posted by ed\26h at 6:25 AM on October 1, 2004

Jesús Crisco!
posted by sciurus at 6:30 AM on October 1, 2004

An esteemed colleague of mine has provided us with: Pinky Revisited (WMV file)
posted by thisisdrew at 8:20 AM on October 1, 2004

Thank you. I'm still giggling. "AAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!"
posted by Turtles all the way down at 8:32 AM on October 1, 2004

well done pinky
posted by samelborp at 9:03 AM on October 1, 2004

"Right. I'm a highly-trained animal enforcement officer who has, over many years, developed a refined rapport with various species, and I'd like to demonstrate you the proper procedure for handling an "upset" animal:

"First you straddle the cat that is writhing like an acrobat on speed having an epileptic seizure, thus exposing your genitals to its claws.

"And AAAAAAAAGH! is the proper way to release your emotional response to pain.

"Then, in hindsight, you should realize that even a less-than-sensitive appraisal of the animal's character would reveal that some cats should never be put on a leash to begin with.

"Think about this while the doctor is stitching together your penis."
posted by Shane at 9:10 AM on October 1, 2004

Aw, the poor guy is just trying to get Pinky adopted and into a nice home as opposed to like having to gas him, but Pinky's not having any of it.
posted by xmutex at 9:41 AM on October 1, 2004

Wow. Poor, poor kitty. I'm always distressed when animals that are being *helped* by humans simply don't understand (duh) and go into "attack" mode. Damn.

Hope that both of them turned out OK.
posted by davidmsc at 9:52 AM on October 1, 2004

one thing's for sure - pinky's long since forgotten about it. Probably not the case for that guy though.
posted by petebest at 11:14 AM on October 1, 2004

A few months ago we were walking in the park, and a guy was walking a full-grown male cat on a leash (or I think it was maybe actually a small harness). The cat seemed to love it. I always thought you had to train them to do this from a kitten - but he said he did not start walking him as a kitten, but only a few months before. It may just be certain cats' personalities are suited to being walked. We never let our outside, but I'd love to train one of them to go for walks, but this has never worked for ours.
posted by sixdifferentways at 12:42 PM on October 1, 2004

I used to walk around my apartment complex at about 2am and all three of my cats would follow me, no leashes necessary. Believe it or not.
posted by jaronson at 4:06 PM on October 1, 2004

posted by tomharpel at 8:28 AM on October 2, 2004

one thing's for sure - pinky's long since forgotten about it.

Pinky is also probably long since dead, considering that man was an animal control officer and the setting was an animal shelter.
posted by ChasFile at 6:02 PM on October 2, 2004

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