Extinct animals action figures
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Extinct animals action figures - get yours and make them fight. Recreate the famous battles of Dodo vs. Caribbean Monk Seal, or Little Swan Island Hutia vs. the Balinese Tiger.
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I realize that the animals I have battling would never have encountered one another in reality, that's just how we used to play with action figures, Cylons vs. Stormtroopers, He-man vs. GI joe. Alternately, you could pretend that genetic engineer Barbie has just resurrected the rarest pet on the block.
posted by milovoo at 10:58 AM on October 1, 2004

Wow. Sad but cool, milovoo.

...the famous battles of Dodo vs. Caribbean Monk Seal Man.

Even the last stuffed dodo was considered unneeded trash, tossed on a burning rubbish heap by an idiot-in-charge of Oxford's Ashmolean Museum who thought it was getting smelly, and (according to some accounts) rescued from the flames by a flabberghasted employee then eventually lost again. Wow. You can see the occasional stuffed one today, but it's not quite the same. The dodo's reputation for stupidity is outstripped by the reality of Human Ignorance.

The Dodo was related to pigeons, by the way.
posted by Shane at 11:33 AM on October 1, 2004

The book Swift as a Shadow has great pictures of what's left from some of the original specimens, primarily from the Natural History Museum in Leiden.
posted by milovoo at 11:47 AM on October 1, 2004

Wow. Those . . . reeeeally suck.
posted by mikrophon at 12:25 PM on October 1, 2004

Pink-Headed Duck? Did that really exist?
posted by Celery at 12:47 PM on October 1, 2004

Yup, Pink headed duck.
posted by milovoo at 12:56 PM on October 1, 2004

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