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Mount St. Helens Erupting.
Anybody have any money riding on this?
posted by Parannoyed (11 comments total)
Scroll down.
posted by monju_bosatsu at 1:08 PM on October 1, 2004

okay, yes, saw those.

Thought this would qualify as post-worthy as it's actually happening now rather than just being predicted as likely.
posted by Parannoyed at 1:15 PM on October 1, 2004

Damn. I was expecting doomsday n' shit. This is pretty weak. Come on St. Helen's!
posted by xmutex at 1:19 PM on October 1, 2004

I'll take Pierce Brosnan over Tommy Lee Jones and I'll even give points.
posted by graventy at 1:24 PM on October 1, 2004

Dude, that was, like, so an hour ago.
posted by strangeleftydoublethink at 1:36 PM on October 1, 2004

i think i won a bet
too bad the cassandra complex doesn't pay off in more than the "told ya so" look
why i want maps on the global warming water levels, got more than money on it
posted by ethylene at 1:38 PM on October 1, 2004

Ah, gas. Looks like it's all just a buncha hot air.
posted by Peter H at 1:42 PM on October 1, 2004

Ah, gas.
Sorry . . . that was me.
posted by Outlawyr at 1:52 PM on October 1, 2004

Mt.St. Helens 2: Electric Boogaloo ?
posted by amberglow at 2:45 PM on October 1, 2004

This eruption was very comparable to most movie sequels.
posted by SpecialK at 2:57 PM on October 1, 2004

Well, you know, Mount St Helens blew it's wad pretty recently in geologic time. I'd think this is a pretty good recovery. Probably is better for the partner this time......
posted by Eekacat at 6:44 PM on October 1, 2004

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