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News Room [Oct. 4] From Germany, many Germans still speak about the "Mauer im Kopf", the Wall in the head... Town Square [Oct. 4] From NPQ, excerpts from a panel of Nobel laureates in economics... Ivory Tower [Oct. 4] From Dissent, Shalom Lappin (KCL): The Need for a New Jewish Politics... Such are the top three links in the extremely link laden and indispensable--think of it as the Arts & Letters Daily of political theory and philosophy--Political Theory Daily Review, which came via the also indispensable Abu Aardvark.
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Yes, that is extremely link laden. But it looks good, and I'm so bookmarking this. Thanks, Karl.
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Politicaltheory.info truly is the best of the web. Great keeper link. Thank you Karl.
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Imagine how much more deeply die Ostens mindset would have been entrenched if the two Germanies had remained divided long enough that there would have been no collective memory at all of the pre-Cold War years. (Although it's damned close to that anyway.) In 1985 I remember discussing this situation with a German grad student who was firmly convinced that Germany would never be reunited. Maybe they'll remain apart culturally to a certain extent, just as in some ways the South still hasn't entirely gotten over the Civil War and an incomplete Reconstruction.
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