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The architect as total designer. In 1959, Danish architect Arne Jacobsen shattered paradigms aplenty with his SAS Hotel (represented now by its last remaining original room, the legendary 606). The hotel was intended as a single field of experience; from seating and lighting (more here and here) to table service, Jacobsen was intimately involved in almost every aspect of the hotel's physical interface with its guests. The result is a work of deeply pleasing harmony that still looks fresh some four and a half decades later. MeFites in Copenhagen: how's it holding up?
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Great post, I love this kind of thing. But why why why would they renovate it and not restore it? It bothers me that functional art like architecture often isn't treated as art, losing priceless works for good just isn't right.
posted by biscotti at 12:58 PM on October 6, 2004

Pretty good, me and my cats stayed there one night to rest up from a long drive. Yes you can book a room there for you and your cats, or dog. The cats really dug the view.
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Informative, gorgeous, thanks!
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Great, thanks!
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Great mid-century post, ag.
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yes. a great building. I don't know why they aren't going whole hog on the thing either. a good respite from my 3d modeling drenched afternoon. thanks, adam.
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Drawer. I stayed there a few years back in an unrestored room. Many original details had been lost. That they are renovating (even, sadly, without restoring) at least brings some measure of finer fit and finish that was lost with the dismantling of the original interiors. Aside from the great view of Tivoli Gardens, what I loved most about my stay there was the operable windows. Really gives you a good feel for being in a skyscraper.
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I was there last winter - some pictures.
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Well, as a Copenhagen MeFite I'll have to start by admitting that I've never actually been inside the hotel. It greatly exceeds my financial limit.

But I do like it. A lot. Not least for being one of the only tall buildings in Copenhagen, and for being aesthetically pleasing at the same time.
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I was back in Copenhagen last week for a short visit, and I remember standing outside the railway station and thinking: "boy, does that building still stick out like an ugly wart". I never liked it - Still don't. Actually, the whole area around the station is rather ugly, and even the town hall square seems dated and neglected.
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"that building" = "the SAS building"
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