I want Life, F****r!
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"We have [a substance] that extends the life of every species it's given to. We're 50 years ahead of where I thought we would be 10 years ago." While Harvard Medical School rules prevent David Sinclair from recommending product, "I know a number of scientists who think [it] is their best shot. Others satisfy themselves with a glass of red wine," which contains the compound. Too good to be true?
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It's more than $1 per pill of Longevinex... I think I'd rather drink wine.
posted by danny the boy at 6:13 PM on October 6, 2004

I wish these guys would work on making life better, and not just longer, but i know there's money in this. (Curing fatal diseases might be a start.)
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What a relief. Between red wine and cinnamon I might just make it out of my 40s.
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More fine products.
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From xowie link:

"Resveratrol, an extract that comes from grapes, vines and other plants, has been found by researchers to possess more details."

That's really good to know. Because, like, I always could use more details.

(And no, I haven't had my wine yet. But I did just refill my cinnamon jar. Now we just need to find something nice and specific to credit to garlic.)
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From here:

The protein works on human cells growing in a test tube, but will it work on baby boomers trying to live the good life longer?

Please, God, NO!!
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I wish these guys would work on making life better, and not just longer, but i know there's money in this. (Curing fatal diseases might be a start.)

Yeah. No one would buy a cure for cancer or heart disease.
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the article at the "better humans" site is written top to bottom as a pitch for the Longevinex brand pills. What a funny site!

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Two questions for poster/commenters--(1) if drinking red wine is good for you, what about eating red grapes if you do not like alchohol?
(2) the French may have fewer heart attacks, so this post claims, but is their longivity better or worse than countries where drinking wine often is not the norm?
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Yeah. No one would buy a cure for cancer or heart disease.
You obviously don't realize that if something is cured you only make money on it once. See AIDS drugs for an example--why find a cure when you have people on multiple drugs for the rest of their lives? Which makes more money?

and Post: i think there's something about the fermentation but i'm not sure.
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Postroad: Heaven forbid we get serious, but here goes.

Yes, red grapes are very rich in resveretrol. (I remember reading about this a couple of years ago.) Basically, rule of thumb is: The darker, the better. So dark, strong grapes like Concords, Muscadines and Mustangs should be very good, as should unpasturized grape juice.

Of course, resveretrol is metabolised (well, really, bound) so fast that you can't trace it in the bloodstream. I'm not sure what that means -- it might mean that you get no benefit at all from it, but I suppose it could also mean that it's doing its thing. So I guess I wouldn't buy the pills, but if you like dark grapes or red wine, what's the harm?
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am I the only one who thought of the anti-agathic drugs in Cities in Flight, a 4 volume classic by James Blish. And then of boosterspice from Larry Niven's Known Space books?
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You can now stop roaming the internet to find alternative sources of red wine molecules.

Thank GOD! All this roaming is making my feet tired!
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What. Now it is Metafilter accepting paid advertisements?!?!
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Pomegranate juice is also apparently very high in polyphenol, though it's not specifically resveratrol. The Pom brand juice is good - albeit a bit pricey ($3 a bottle at my local Whole Foods.) But I suppose it may be a reasonable alternative for those who don't want to drink wine.
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Question: do the people in, say, France's red-wine district now live to age 150?
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The better question is how can French people possibly have decent lifespans (and low incidence of coronary illness) given the incredible quantity of saturated fats in their diet.

Also, yes, a common side effect of taking polyphenols is a better life, as well as a longer one, because they do tend to enhance one's overall health, cognition, mood and libido.

There are other life-extension supplements to consider besides resveratrol, of course, i.e., CoQ10, grape OPCs, omegas, tocotrienols, ginkgo, selenium, folic acid.

Since supplements are not well-standardized, buying by brand makes a difference. Solaray, Jarrow and Twinlabs are reliable manufacturers, in my experience. "Store" brands are often not worth buying.
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incredible quantity of saturated fats in their diet

The paradox is why US doctors continue to think cholesterol causes heart disease when there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary. The French "paradox" is the tip of the iceberg for any one who examines the history and evidence of the lipid hypothesis.
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No paradox there - the focus on cholesterol enables the sale of statin drugs such as Lipitor and Zocor. However, these are actually quite dangerous drugs.
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I'm in too much of a rush to check the link, but I sure hope the life extending substance involves peanut butter.
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