Cheney Bio
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The Unauthorized Biography of Dick Cheney from the CBC.
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How did they manage to find a picture of him without a snarl?
posted by nofundy at 4:47 AM on October 7, 2004

Saw this on television last night and all I could think was "wow, Greg Palast isn't even that harsh". Very scary. Meanwhile I was flipping back to CNN's post debate coverage to see them try and make Cheney look better than he did...
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Font bananas.
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I'm actually becoming somewhat fascinated with Cheney after the last few days. He just doesn't care what he says, and somehow manages to make you feel like you lost an argument with him.

The man just said this morning that the report indicating Iraq had no WMDs justified the war. He just sat right down there and said it. As if people wouldn't notice. Casually.

It's almost admirable... I have never in my life seen someone more adept at sheer mind-fucking than this guy.
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