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What Barry Says. (mirror of the quicktime video) Though it may stray towards the tinfoil hat in places, you can't dispute that a small group of neocons really is actually trying to reform the world in their vision. But are they doing it merely for profit on the part of their closely related weapons companies? Even if you don't agree with its provacative message, it's a damn fine looking piece of type, design, and film all rolled into one 2 minute short [via randomfoo].
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My outrage meter is already pegged, just waiting, waiting, waiting for my absentee ballot. For convenience sake (not because it hasn't been linked before), here is, ugh, the website of Project for the New American Century.
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What Barry says probably wouldn't stand so well its own, I mean not without all of Simon's great nazi imagery. Brits really go for that don't they, for some reason.
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Very very nice 3D graphic design. But I can't help but see this as a pre-godwin'd* PepsiBlue for the Project for a New American Century.

What would be really interesting is if someone could summarize the PfaNAC without making value judgements.

*(oh, and, I "lose" this argument since I first mentioned godwin - but I'm less interested in wining or losing an argument than finding out if the PfaNAC is actually up to anything)
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Nazis, we hate those guys.
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I am convinced that the end result of the United States' entelechy will be a wall of fire, but I fervently pray that it is in fact a virus that destroys mankind and leaves the dolphins in our wake. We'll call it the reverse hitch-hiker.
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By the way, that was a super cool video. The animation was wicked. Did anyone else have a sort of disconnect when they watched it, though? Maybe it's because I'm from the videogame generation, but it seemed like a mission briefing for Command & Conquer.
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it is a damn fine looking piece of type, design, and film all rolled into one 2 minute short.
thanks for that.
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1. In the philosophy of Aristotle, the condition of a thing whose essence is fully realized; actuality. 2. In some philosophical systems, a vital force that directs an organism toward self-fulfillment
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That "godwin" thing applies to online conversations about old Star Trek vs. New Star Trek, MicroSoft vs. Linux, who's not following the rules on a message board... etc. If you're actually talking about World Wars, Fascism, the Holocaust, etc. then saying someone "loses" because they talk about a major historical event seems to be rather short sighted.
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b1tr0t, as planetkyoto pointed out, you can just go to PNAC's website and see what they're about. Nonetheless, I did a lit search for the most dispassionate piece I could find about PNAC, and here is what I came up with.
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It is, indeed.
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PNAC: Better Living Through American Imperialism
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Dobbs posted this link here the other day. I was blown away when I saw it.
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PNAC: Mostly pee, little knack.
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Thanks daHIFI. link was here
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I could swear I saw that video in the Rocketeer.
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It's the Paris Hilton of animation.
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Holy crap, I have classes with one of the sons of the chairman of PfNAC. I knew Kristol was a conservative commentator, but I didn't realize how involved he was.

... and for what it's worth, his son's a real jerk.

Good video, thanks for the link.
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