Audikt audio and design magazine
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"Audikt is a collaborative, issue-based project between designers, artists and musicians, showcasing creative and musical talent beyond the mainstream."

Two issues posted so far (27 tracks each). Site contains some Flash but all tracks can be downloaded as MP3s. There's also a cool video and a free font.
posted by dobbs (4 comments total)
this is neat, thanks dobbs!
posted by kamylyon at 9:56 PM on October 10, 2004

I think your thread got preempted by the Chris Reeve thread, dobbs. Great site, though. Thanks!
posted by squirrel at 7:52 AM on October 11, 2004

Yeah, that seems to happen a lot to my threads. I think I should stop posting as I'm a curse to celebrities. :)

Glad you two enjoyed it, though. I was quite impressed with a number of the tracks.
posted by dobbs at 9:04 AM on October 11, 2004

at the very least it's a hot idea.
gonna d/l the tracks later...
posted by Al_Truist at 10:37 AM on October 11, 2004

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