Can you download thre internet to this floppy for me?
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Clientcopia - Stupid things clients say. ex: Please also put a landlord hat on the landlord.
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"less creativity, bigger pictures"

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I've seen these all somewhere else, is it a new interface for old content or have they ripped someone off?
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The original, easier to read version.
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Most surreal client comment from my workplace: "this looks good. Now, could you add a monkey playing the banjo riding on a unicorn jumping over the 'u'?"
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So, what other programs do you know?"
"Well, I did a course on the Adobe."
"Er, was that Adobe Photoshop?"
"No, no. Just the Adobe..."

From McMCSE to McAdobe the step is soooo short..superfired !
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Come on, weston—can you think of a single site that wouldn't improve?
posted by kenko at 7:24 PM on October 11, 2004 man, how the time passes.
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Clientcopia is the next generation of the original thread once found on, which we respectfully pay homage to.

Ooooh, I'm so using that one. I wasn't stealing music, Mr. RIAA, I was paying homage to all those wonderful mp3 files!
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Yeah, many of those entries remind me of why dreamless died.

There are just as many stupid designers represented on that site as there are "stupid clients."
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"This site doesn't work when I turn javascript off"

Actually, that's an observant client.
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*sigh* Those golden years...
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I have to also say that the logo is brilliant: it simultaneously looks like an exasperated guy with his head held down in frustration, and a headless executive sitting in front of a computer.
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client -
"I don't care if it doesn't work in netscape I want it"
me -
"uhh.. Yeah, no uses Netscape anyway." ;x
client (2 weeks later) -
"It looks all broken!"
me -
"Huh? Nothing looks wrong on my end. ..blah
blah blah... What version IE are you using?"
client -

We once thought the Internet would bring us groceries to our houses, feed our children and make love to us in a very distant, post-modern way. It has failed us!
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Even for the year 2000 when this thread originally appeared, some of those designers were as clueless as the clients.
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I'm glad everyone seems to know this is just a re-hash of the old dreamless thread. :)

Yes, some of the designers were idiots themselves - but many did have truly moronic clients.

I myself have had the experience of a client who, after working as our main liason on a web project for six months, still had to phone our designer (during a presentation to her boss) to ask which icon to click to load internet explorer.

It's easy to go too far the other way and say that the designer is supposed to be the one with the knowledge, who explains everything and provides choices etc. But when I go to a restaurant, the waiter is allowed to assume that I know the difference between white bread and brown bread, where different meats come from, how various vegetables taste.. you know, the basics.
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"How many goddman times do I have to tell you to put descriptions with the products?"

"You're supposed to email the descriptions you want."

"Oh, yeah. Never mind."

Clients. Gotta love 'em.
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The dreamless thread is always worth an annual revisit. Thanks...
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If a lot of those comments were dead accurate, then there are some designers there who missed out on some serious sales opportunities. Like the guy who griped about DVD load time. That was a customer who needed education. Saying "that's impossible" (whether it's true or not) will lose you the business every time.
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I'm still trying to picture a landlord hat. All I can come up with is the kind of fedora you'd see a newspaper reporter wearing, with the word LANDLORD in the hatband where you'd normally see the PRESS pass.

Have I just sufficiently disqualified myself as a Web designer?
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"Can we split up our list of quotes so you have to load a new page for each one? Plus can we have this banner on every page? And make it in Flash?"
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thanks kurumi, you took the words right out of my mouth. The terrible interface of a website concerning bad design choices and stupid decisions is indeed some kind of cosmic irony. Also, the fact that this link is basically 4 years old kinda takes away from the fpp.
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The longer I'm in business for myself, the more I am annoyed by this syndrome of hating/denigrating the client. I mean, they're your client. They're paying YOU to know stuff and help them. Being a snarky butthole about it just makes you look like a big fat jerk.

*cowers in corner*
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Exactly. If the client knew what you know, they wouldn't need you in the first place.

Even the "Why haven't you done X?" "Because you were supposed to provide Y." "Oh." stuff is pretty lame; it suggests you haven't been clear in your communication with the client about what they need to provide.
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