When is a political statement not a political statement?
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Sinclair Broadcasting is demanding its 62 television stations air an anti-Kerry 'documentary' in prime-time, just before the november election. Does the name sound familiar? That's because Sinclair Broadcasting was the same media group that refused to air an episode of 'Nightline' where the names of the troops who died in iraq were read, on the basis that it was 'nothing more than a political statement'. Those upset with this unfairness can do something about it. Write the FCC, and get active. If that's not enough, you can join Sinclair Watch.
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Mefi FPP about this here. Or click "back" and scroll down.
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Well drat. I used the search on the sites and on Sinclair and nothing came up for the past year.
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OK, first of all, I just did the search on Sinclair for the past year and it worked fine.

But look, folks, and I'm not trying to single you out FunkyHelix, but really, it's just common sense: If a story's just breaking over the past few days - and especially if it's something that's sweeping the blogosphere like a tornado - it's probably worth it to scroll through the MeFi front page and check for it visually before deciding that only have had the fantastic idea of posting it.
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You said blogosphere out loud. Don't you feel silly now?
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"... you can join Sinclair Watch."

*Watches the Sinclair, realizes it does nothing*
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I'll have you know I *bought* the Timex Sinclair 1000 and built it myself.

But you're right, It pretty much did nothing.
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cedar - I didn't say it out loud. But I will admit that while typing it I did think "I wonder who will call me out for this." Now I know. Heh.
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gosh soyjoy you're kinda bitchy aren't you? You the posting police?
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Gosh, golly--I was told over and over that the liberals controlled the media...
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Postroad, according the National Review, they still do.

Although I have to admit, I know a national Fox News producer who is a fervent Democrat.
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Bas, see entry: self policing
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I don't mean to single you out always seems to be followed by the person not only doing just that, but being rather rude about it. I mean it's just common sense that maybe the person's search was faulty, and they already feel bad for having missed it, so there's no reason to be snarky. But I could be wrong.
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Josh Marshall has done a good job on this story, and the mainstream press is picking it up (just saw a report on the CBS evening news; dunno if the story was blacked out on Sinclair CBS affiliates.) I'd expect them to fold pretty soon on this issue. But it largely won't matter: as with anything, it's the media fury over the ad that makes the impression on the voters, not the ad itself. The two campaigns produce "controversial" advertising mostly for the free exposure on CNN, not the actual commercial play.
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"I don't mean to single you out" does usually seem to fall into the category of phrases like "For your convenience" and "Stop me if you've heard this one before".
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However, as I love both FunkyHelix and soyjoy with an unholy passion, this conflict is [jamesdean] tearing me apart! It's tearing me apart! [/jamesdean]
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soyjoy: "I didn't say it out loud."

But you thought it and we're all about policing that. Thought, speech, intent... all the same to me.
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In the 2003 State of the Union address, Prezznit Bush pitched hydrogen cars as the wave fo the future. Pretty forward-thinking for a Texas oilman, no? Except that a hydrogen energy company with ties to Enron and the Federal Energy Regulation Commission is owned by a subsidiary of Sinclair Broadcasting.

So, looks like rather than a principled stand against the horrors that Kerry wrought, this broadcast is just a payoff for a DOD contract.

I'm a little teapot, short and stout...
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Look, the Republicans are the new Jews. They own everything.
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Oh, come now.
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the sinclair topic is currently being "discussed" on the o'reilly factor. of all the people that bill could've had on, he picked a represenative from the media research center? I can't believe the things that happen in this country.
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Yeah, so well, how's it working out? Let's take this double post opp to assess how we're doing. Any progress?
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yup...Sylvan learning centers is pulling their ads from Sinclair stations, and email and calls are going to all their advertisers.
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"The decision annoyed investors. Sinclair's shares, which have lost about half their value in 2004, closed Monday at $7.38, down 12 cents. That's about as low as they've been since 1995.

"I don't want my media companies that cover the news to be making news," says Barry Lucas of Gabelli & Co., which owns about 4% of Sinclair. "

"With its heavy concentration of Fox and WB affiliates, ranking in the middle of the pack in mostly midsize markets, Sinclair is barely profitable and laden with debt. It had a net profit of $14 million on revenue of $739 million in 2003.

Sinclair hopes to change that by solidifying its hold on local markets by controlling, for example, two stations in more cities and sharing operating and news-gathering costs. But it needs the federal government to relax several media ownership restrictions. "
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Hey, I thought Jews were the new Republicans. At least, that's what Kalle Lasn says.
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It would be interesting to cross refrence the Board of Trustee's over at Sinclair (Hoover's Business Directory does this ) to see what other boards they're on. Any connections to Halliburton, The Carlyle group? Big Oil?
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Our local Sinclair affiliate here in Columbus has pulled several ads from it's front page that were there only yesterday. They have disabled a link to their "Gimmie the Mike" section, which was sponsored by companies like Pepsi and ITT. They have added a link to contact Sinclair headquarters (which now seems to be appearing on all affiliate web sites).

For any of you contacting Sinclair Broadcasting advertisers, I believe you'll have much more luck staying local. I've had civil and productive exchanges with several local advertisers here.
posted by Otis at 3:47 PM on October 13, 2004

Powell should be the second one fired when Kerry's inaugurated--right after Ashcroft.
posted by amberglow at 1:41 PM on October 14, 2004

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