The Inuits didn't think it wasn't eco-friendly, so there nyah :-P
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One of the truly indigenous American artforms is scrimshaw. The Inuits made some fascinating pieces, as did whalers more than 200 years ago. Today's scrimshanders are more sensitive to the materials used (either from extinct species--such as the mastodon!--or synthetic materials), and the artform is still going strong, perhaps even gaining in popularity in these modern times. I find it fascinating, intricate artwork, and history.
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Oh, wow, this is my 100th FPP! Wow.
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Memory fail's ~The Parable elude's me~
Were it, "An Eye for a toothe?"
..."A Toothe for a Toothe?"
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Congrats WolfDaddy and a cool 100th it is! I'd always be too worried about screwing it up on that last scratch and having to trash the whole thing.

Pretty amazing stuff they can create!
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