No man has a natural right to commit aggression on the equal rights of another
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Bully OnLine: 'the world's largest resource on workplace bullying and related issues'.

Includes profiles ("Look, dad, it's a sociopath"). Describes why it's hard to stand up to bullying behaviour, how to do it, and why others won't help you.

There's also [previously discussed here], which offers basic ground-rules for dealing with bullies, and suggestions for dealing with specific situations (including one-liners you might want to try). But watch out, because the bastards are vengeful.
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Seen these guys before. If you're being bullied, deal or stop it. Don't sit around and write gigantic websites justifying whatever random bullshit you want to engage in. Sociopaths kill people, they don't gossip behind peoples' backs.
posted by kavasa at 7:10 PM on October 13, 2004

kavasa, that word, 'sociopath', I don't think it means what you think it means.
posted by Space Coyote at 8:20 PM on October 13, 2004

Still, kavasa's right about the website; there's some perceptive stuff in there, but it's all-but-buried in repetitive verbiage. It'd benefit from massive liposuction followed by an injection of logical structure.
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"If you're being bullied, deal or stop it."

And lo, the powerless became powerful; the oppressed and downtrodden rose up as one and the victimised and cowed felt imbued with courage and valour upon hearing kavasa's sagely words.

"Thank you O wise one, for liberating us from our shackles of subjugation and fear," they cried.

Then the crowd of saved parted and a small boy stepped forward.

"Kavasa, O wise and compassionate one; bestower of freedom upon the meek and terrorised, please accept this small gift of my thanks. You have saved me from a nightmare. You have made my life my own once more."

And the boy reached forward and held out his hands and presented his small gift to the knowing and beneficent Kavasa.

And Kavasa looked down, took the gift and held it aloft for all to see, proclaiming to all, "Look. Think of this and you will think of me. Now go in freedom, and thank me no more. My work is done. Go, all, in peace."

And the crowd departed. And Kavasa layed the small gift down upon the ground, that it may nourish the earth, such was his generosity and kindness, and walked away upon the dusty earth to bestow his tenderness where'ert were needed.

And I tell you brothers and sisters that bullshit is still today revered as a giver of nutrients unto the earth.

Blessings one and all.
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Indeedy. Reminded me of advice to the depressed - "You just want to pull yourself together" - and advice once given to to my wife, as a harassed inner-city school teacher, "You just need to make the children behave".
posted by raygirvan at 6:36 PM on October 14, 2004

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