David Meanix Photosculpture
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Photosculpture series created by David Meanix for such programs as Six Feet Under.
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interesting. good link.
posted by tomplus2 at 9:05 AM on October 17, 2004

yeah. I was wondering who actually did this for the show. now, I know. thanks.
posted by Busithoth at 9:41 AM on October 17, 2004

There's a Salon interview in which he discusses the joy of having his work seen, while worrying that it may only be seen as "Claire's work."
posted by O9scar at 11:04 AM on October 17, 2004

Well, he does run that risk. But he's got an opportunity to watch his profile grow if he takes advantage of the platform he's got and gets his stuff into print advertising or into some famous people's sitting rooms.

Personally, I didn't go nuts over this stuff -- it looked like the work of a talented 20-year-old, but not the work of an established professional, which meant that the art-casting was spot-on -- but I've seen way worse get celebrated way more. You go, holmes.
posted by chicobangs at 1:44 PM on October 17, 2004

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