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There are a lot of small sites doing caption contests from time to time, but I've never seen a site with such a long history of them. There's gold in the archives (1, 2, 3, 4), and weekly contests still going on.
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Surely you've heard of SpinnWebe's Dysfunctional Family Circus, which was running caption entires on Bil Keane's infamous comic strip from 1994 to 1999. Spinn continues to moderate A-1 AAA AmeriCaptions (formerly It's a Dysfuntional Life), which has been running since 1997.

The captions may be a bit more cerebral than your typical caption site, but after visiting others, I find A-1's captions to be consistantly funnier than the rest.
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On [1]: How is it that everyone managed to miss the Who reference?
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Maybe Roger Daltrey filed a restraining order. After all, would YOU want to remind the world of THIS...

(I considered pasting mathowie's face over one or both of the Who-guys there, but thought better of it)
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To get the reference is one thing, but can you come up with a Sell-Outy punchline for it, lodurr?

Remember, that was the Who before they crossed over. Many American Who fans don't know that album.

I am, of course, merely making excuses for these cretins.

(Alright, then. How about: "Their follow-up single, Bubba O'Reilly, failed to sell as well as their earlier efforts.")
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Don't tell us! Tell them!

(*points encouragingly at the form on the other page*)
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I just got the tail end of the DFC, but my impression is that despite its legendary status IADL is actually better (though there's plenty of dross in IADL). I haven't been following AAA A-1 Americaptions, though.

I agree though that when the IADLers were on, they were very, very good.
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