use my drive space, give me monopoly money!
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use my drive space, give me monopoly money!... i'm not sure at all that i understand this vision of p2p but it gives me a funny feeling reminiscent of the time my roommate tried to get everyone in the house to switch their phones over to excel. then again it's being touted as the killer *nap*
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I think P2P is taking over B2B as the TLA BW OTY.

For a much more interesting P2P product, download Magi Express. The payware version lets you use a WAP-enabled phone like a remote control.

If you can find a few buddies online, it's pretty fun to play with. Your own personal Apache JServ.....
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Seems interesting. Gives me something to play with tonight when I get home.

Open source, uses Python, they're letting people build ports. They'll do well with the geeks, just from a tech standpoint.

The guy's a Yahoo! alumn., which means he can probably afford all the cash he's been burning on the lawyers. They're registered as a corporation in the Caymans, should those lawyers fees prove fruitless.

Whether or not it's actually good software... well. I'll have to try it before I say. It does address the ol' "Napster doesn't have renumeration" argument, but it doesn't address the "A company is making money off these transactions" issue.
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Mostly, it doesn't address the "this content was originally sold to someone for personal use" issues. I wasn't too happy to learn that uploaders are the ones who can set up the tip-jar addressing signatures -- what's to stop me from uploading "Ooops I did it again" and registering as Britney's tip jar?

Unless there's a substantial certainty that the tip jar recipient is the content creator, I'm not going to feel comfortable using it. Which means it's still just Napster, only more complicated.
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It's rather transparent, not complicated.

The idea being that monopoly money gives incentive for users to stay online while someone else downloads from them and to provide more files. This hopefully creates a commmunity of people who try to help others download from them.

Napster users are well known for breaking off downloads - disconnecting from Napster - and I guess this is a way of dealing with it.

Of course I'd shocked to see anyone make money out of this.
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