ticks and tones may break my 'phones...
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gameboyzz orchestra project, live @ paris. Don't be put off by the first track of the Paris set - that's just a warm up.
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downloads are a bit slow--still looks worth it though.

on a sort of similar note, check out the dozens of free mp3s at 8bitpeoples. i really like nullsleep's chasing summer love (mp3).
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This will sound like a foolish criticism, but the two tracks I heard sounded completely nanoloop-generated. I'd be much more interested if some of the orchestra players were improvising with sounds from other gameboy games (like mario kart or a game that makes sounds when you fire, like galaga or something) while other people used the nanoloop. Would make for more interesting, less controlled music maybe? Interesting project still, but I find the results a little predictable. Still very fun though. But there's a lot more sounds on gameboy carts than what the nanoloop can make.

Meanwhile, if anyone wants to hand me a couple hundred bucks for a nanoloop cartridge on ebay, heh...
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Beck used a GameBoy as an instrument during his Coachella show last spring. Didn't know it then, but I guess it's becoming a movement...
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Might want to check out kohina.com for yummy old school / retro game music radio.

Bit Shifter (NY) is amazing at making music on the gameboy classic and performs live frequently in NY and occasionally LA. (He's also quite mesmerizing to watch)

Micromusic.net is home to many many talented artists using antiquated game console / computer equipment to make bleepingly good music.
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