Today Apple announced Quicktime 5.
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Today Apple announced Quicktime 5. It sounds cool but it's only available for Macintosh right now. Doesn't Steve understand that he needs to get this software out to as many platforms as possible, as soon as possible? Windows Media Player 7 is looking better and better...
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It's only a beta, yet. QuickTime 4 had its Windows version, why assume QuickTime 5, when it goes final, wouldn't be? Now, a Linux version is quite another matter... and one I doubt we'll see, now that Apple's in the BSD camp. ;)
posted by darukaru at 9:42 PM on October 10, 2000

There's no Star Trek LCARS screensaver for the Mac yet, but we do have QT5. It evens out.

Pardon my ignorance, but: the BSD camp? Bondage/ Sadomasochism Dominance camp? Big Swingin' Dorcus camp? Beelzebub Satan Dorman?
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MediaPlayer 7 is just terrible, its wasteful of resources and takes way too much real estate on the desktop. The overdesigned "interface" is annoying to go through and the skins don't really make sense if its just going to open another window in the corner. I'm much happier using the old version and I hope this rash of overdesigned interfaces is over already. Or if you're going to offer skins, make them real skins like Winamp and don't have those features bog down my PC.

BSD is a flavor of the Unix operating system, I think the most popular one is OpenBSD and I'm pretty sure its free.

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From the "New Hacker's Dictionary": BSD

As to MP7, it's possible to turn off most of that shit and make it look about like the old media player did. Just selecting "compact mode" massively improves it.

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Does MediaPlayer 7 run on anything than Windows? I notice from the Microsoft site that only 6.3 is available for the Mac. I think I'd go with either Real or Quicktime. BTW, they've ported the Quicktime streaming server to NT.
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Skallas, over designed interfaces has only just begun. Grab a snikers and get comfy. =)
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leo: It will soon enough.
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