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Going to visit Moscow, the long way around. This past June Tim Harvey and Colin Angus set off on an entirely human-powered expedition from Vancouver to Moscow. The CBC has a page with running audio reports from the field. Who says the age of adventure is over?
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The "Vancouvertomoscow" splash page is short on info so click around for greater detail
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Great find, Edgeways!
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What, no Segway? Wankers.
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There's another guy working on a similar feat. Karl Bushby is a British dude, currently waiting in Alaska for whether conditions to improve so that he can walk, yes walk, across the Bering Strait.

His trip is supposed to be the first ever solo walk around the world. He started four years ago in Punta Arenas. Along the way, he has had to disguise himself as garbage and float down a river in the Darien Gap to evade FARC soldiers, had his hand cart (affectionately known as "The Beast") stolen in Colorado, and shattered his front teeth on a frozen power bar while in the Yukon. According to his trip rules, he can take a break any time he wants and go back to a town he's already visited, but he can never go forward unless he's walking. He hopes to arrive at The Chunnel sometime in 2010. The weirdest part: He doesn't even know why he's doing it

(Disclosure: I know some of this because I helped a Canadian writer research a piece she was writing on Karl's trip)
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