“Stop acting like you're Thor. You're not even Xena!”
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To put it bluntly, Loincloth is the most amazing fucking metal band in existence right now. Personally, all I'm trying to say is: yes, I'm a fucking homo. And I'm a goddamn motherfucker of a metal guitar player with my metal brother, who's not a fucking homo. Nobody else in the band's a fucking homo. And this 25% gay band will kick anybody's ass! (via The American Mastodon)
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This obscure musician interview (without music samples or images or anything) is great because the guitarist mocks his sexuality?

Or... what?
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It's just a crazy interview about heavy metal--and somehow inspiring. Read the whole thing; no malice meant with quoting just that part.

Fuck making a living. I've had shitty jobs for years. My music is not my job. My music's my garden. It's something I can share, something I don't have to count pennies for or bank on pennies coming in for. It's just goddamn fucking music.

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Heh. Extremely funny. Thanks _sirmissalot_.
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breadwinner is was teh roxxorz!
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What a total penis! Thanks for this, it's really funny.
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I bet I'd hate this guy, and I'm sure I'd hate his interviewer, but the piece itself is hilarious.

"People really, truly exploit that, and I hope they fucking wreck. I don't want them to die, but goddamn, I'd love to see them rolling around in wheelchairs."
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You can listen to Breadwinner on Amazon.com.

His work is claimed as a major influence by one of today's hottest metal bands.
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This guy is amazing. What a wonderful positive attitude. I make a lot of music and I keep getting very depressed by the 'state of music' these days... this guy has the best possible attitude.

I saw Breadwinner in the early 90s and they were astonishing!

What a refreshing attitude about music, and art in general.
posted by n9 at 5:03 AM on October 22, 2004

I never heard of this guy, but "this 25% gay band will kick anybody's ass!" may be the greatest heavy metal boast ever.
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(Hometown boys! Nice guys, too. Another Loincloth tidbit: Steve Albini, a man who eloquently complained how hard it is to make a living in music, heard their demo and offered to record them for FREE. They declined.)
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(Just because it always blows my mind, here's Albini's screed about signing with a major label. "Whenever I talk to a band who are about to sign with a major label, I always end up thinking of them in a particular context. I imagine a trench, about four feet wide and five feet deep, maybe sixty yards long, filled with runny, decaying shit. ... I also imagine a faceless industry lackey at the other end holding a fountain pen and a contract waiting to be signed.")
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In the early 90s I rented a van and drove a some younger friends in a hardcore band down to Richmond to play in a show with Four Walls Falling, some krishnacore band, and a straight edge band with a horn section. Now, I was never X-ing it out myself, and ended up in the unlikely position of defending Ted Nugent to a van load of sex-starved vegans. That said, I had a great time. The straight edge kids down there were just fucking wrong. Silly. Sick. I swear they had more fun and fewer hang ups than any group of people I ever met. It's like have such strict rules about a few things ended up letting them be completely open about everthing else. It was a good weekend. This guy is pretty representative of the kind of attitude I ran into in Richmond, "on the scene."

Hat's off to Richmond. Your underground music scene has come a long way since 1865.
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Good stuff.

Yeah! Slint was awesome! Slint kicked. When [Brian McMahan] goes, “And I'm sorry/And I miss you” [on Spiderland's “Good Morning, Captain”], that's heavy! That shit was fucking heavy! But did it ruin indie music? Yes! I can't think of a good example of who it created, but Slint's a good one to kill. You should kill them because they're so influential.

Slint reunites for ATP 2005.
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the slint stuff is hilarious. i hate to date myself but growing up near Raleigh i was quite the honor role fan back in ye day. and damn breadwinner TOTALLY roxxored.
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Whatever these little pansy-asses did—burn churches, kill people—their hate and all that bullshit blows over in the wind. That's why we called our track “Church Burntings.” The night we got back to Richmond, the name we thought up for our record was At War with Norway: For All Your Burnt Churches, What Have You Learned? Nothing. We went to a church that night. We threw matches at it going, “We're gonna burn you! Look at us, we're from Norway! We're so heavy!” Even at that point, when the band was a fucking joke, we already knew we were heavier than that bullshit. Loincloth fucking kicks Burzum and all that black metal bullshit's ass because we're not pretending anything.

Oh man. This had me rolling! For All Your Burnt Churches, What Have You Learned? Nothing. That's got to be one of the best names for a record ever!

n9:This guy is amazing. What a wonderful positive attitude.

I totally agree.
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Loincloth is amazing, and it's kinda sad they have so little offical output. Get the Swami Sound System album they referenced (you can buy it for $5 at merchlackey.com in the Swami store -- links wouldn't work for me or I would've posted one) Not only do you get Loincloth (who, for the uninitiated, sound like all the best Slayer and Metallica breaks without the bullshit), you get the Hot Snakes and the almighty Rocket From the Crypt. You can't lose.
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God, I totally want to throw my man-panties at him on stage. ROCK!
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