rat brain in a jar
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wow..and it can fly a flight sim using only the power of its mind.....via boing boing
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Extremely interesting, but will it feel compelled to follow Asimov's three laws of robotics when it grows up?
posted by ae4rv at 12:00 PM on October 22, 2004

But can it fly a lawnmower?
posted by saladin at 12:02 PM on October 22, 2004

that's creepy - but cool
posted by scarabic at 1:08 PM on October 22, 2004

A step closer to Futurama.
posted by brownpau at 1:57 PM on October 22, 2004

I look forward to its first work of philosophy.
posted by thecaddy at 7:05 PM on October 22, 2004

Holy rodent neurons, Batman, that's genius *smacks fist into palm of hand*
posted by chrid at 11:32 AM on October 23, 2004

..and furthermore, that flying lawnmower is awesome!! You can guy one here!
posted by chrid at 11:37 AM on October 23, 2004

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