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Masamania. Not safe for work! 'Hi, this is masamania who create this page, This page is made up of photos I actually take in twon. .I hope I can show and tell you the real, true Japan that cannot be seen in other mas media. I am living in Tokyo, Japan. I was born in Japan, grown up in Japan, study English in Japan. This is the reason I can speak Engrish. Some people complain that my updating and email response is slow. And other people conplain that my englsih is poor. '
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Warning, very NSFW! But if you're at home, check out his entry on The Helicopter F**k. That definately merits a "do not try this at home kids" warning.
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But don’t forget, the most important thing in fuck is not seeing fuck but doing fuck.Just do fuck.

Fuck you.

Truer words were never spoken.
posted by ruddhist at 4:07 AM on October 24, 2004

I strongly suggest Jap government to give allowance to show pussy and dick. I claim it is very appropriate and edicational purpose. We should be taught where the spot to get dick into before taught algebla. I wanna see the Jap pussy more ! I am sickin tired of seeing blond pussy ! We are Japanese. More hairly Jap pussy please !

Give the freedom to see Jap pussy !
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I have a job ! I have life ! I'm also alive ! Fuck you
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Could you please bring me the person who seriously regard to show pussy as criminal action. and then I can show you the person who enjoy his job to see pussy every day to censor it and get high sallery paid by our tax! Fuck you !

When I was child, we have no internet. So I grown up as a inexperienced person who never see any kind of real pussy

[This is funny]
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ahem, repost.
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I didn't even see the parry.
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Just for the joy of seeing the helicopter fuck in action, this is a totally cool repost by me.

But then, I'm possessed of the happy Sunday NFL spirit this morning.
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Be sure to click through to see the full stories and photo sets. He's at his best with a whole series of photographs culminating in a sententious conclusion — sometimes lame, but often spot-on, for example, in his essay on "Action Reading," which builds up to this: Reading book is very popular leisure activity in Japan. Most people regard reading book is not physical exercise. But modern people read a book very sporty.
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Some great new stuff on the site, well worth a revisit.
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His cosplay photos in the September archive are very nice, and so are the pics of the sleeping salarymen. It's a good site.
posted by MegoSteve at 1:43 PM on October 24, 2004

Lost track of this site, thanks for posting it plep! Good job, as always.
posted by lia at 8:51 PM on October 24, 2004

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