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The 20th Anniversary Edition of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy text adventure is online, and the BBC has jazzed it up. A bit.
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It's still incredibly frustrating, which is a relief. I thought "jazzed it up" might have meant they made it easier.
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Let's see ... hard to remember that far back, when I first got the InfoCom game. I figured out how to understand the Vorgons. I made it to the ship controls. Fiddled with the BM thingie. Got some backtalk from Marvin. Gave up and bought another game.

I'm told my experience was pretty universal.
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Ahh the memorys, I had this game on my IBM PCJR in the 80s
never could get away from the house without getting my brain smashed in, good thing the internet has walkthroughs now...
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I spent far too long in sensory (near) deprivation. The babelfish sequence might make for an interesting bunch of graphics, if they animate it.
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not everyone gave up...I was in that group of people who got to the end and then wanted to know why the promised sequel never appeared. I once called into a local npr station which was interviewing DNA to ask if the sequel promised at the end was ever going to appear. He mostly seemed surprised that someone had finished the game.

I also, working with a friend, forced my way through _Bureaucracy_, which was also a hoot. And I don't think it had anything *nearly* as annoying as that bloody cheese sandwich.
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I played through this version a few weeks ago when I first heard about it. I managed to beat it with only a few restores, but that's only because I've played it so many times I have most of the sequences and moves memorized.

The main reason why this game is hated by so many people is because it has so many ways to screw up, and if you don't save religiously, you have to start over. In one case, it's possible to have the game be completely unsolvable, without any controllable action on your part (if you randomly go to the space fleet before going back to England... stupid cheese sandwich).
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Where's my yellow InvisiClues highlighter?

Ah, here it is.

This and Leather Goddesses of Phobos were my favorite text games growing up.
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