No trip to Oz required.
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The history and technology of Technicolor. The iconic color process, however, had some competition. There's plenty of other fun stuff to read at the Widescreen Museum.
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Really neat, neckro. I've always loved the look of technicolor.
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"No piece written about Natalie Kalmus has ever been found that didn't include the word "bitch". I won't stoop so low as to call her that." This is not entirely true, though the article doesn't mention that she sued Kalmus for divorce in the late 40s, even though he had actually divorced her twenty-five years earlier. An astonishing woman, and I don't mean that in a good way.
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Too bad this is buried under all the ElectionFilter noise, because this is an excellent find. I only just saw this link now, and only because I re-sorted the front page by date instead of comments.

Very good link, neckro23
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