City of Heroes Costume Contest
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City of Heroes Costume Contest.
posted by tranquileye (16 comments total)
"Hello. Superman here. I'm hear today to enlist the public's help on a growing menace: people wearing tights that shouldn't.

"There's a lot more to being a superhero than just superpowers or a flashy catchphrase. Like the ability to pull off the spandex look successfully.

"There's no shame in accepting that not everybody can successfully adapt certain looks. Overweight women in halter tops and hip huggers, for example. Or old men with comb-overs. We need to accept our limitations, so we can successfully fulfill our destinies with the gifts we are given.

"Yet thousands of people each year make the poor choice of adopting the garb of a superhero, while maintaining less than super-physiques. The result... well, take a look for yourselves.

"I think you'll agree that it's time to leave the lycra to those who can handle it. Let's stamp out super-embarrassment in our lifetimes. Thank you."
posted by Perigee at 2:12 PM on November 5, 2004

oh sweet jebus some of these are funny. de-inforces my desire to play that game, tho. some of the characters are quite amusing - 'big package' and the 'silver slacker'
posted by gnutron at 2:12 PM on November 5, 2004

The game's fun. And my costume is just a dark suit, fedora hat, and glowing purple eyes.
posted by tranquileye at 2:19 PM on November 5, 2004

So when you sit there and wonder who the hell has the time to get up to those insane levels....
posted by geoff. at 2:20 PM on November 5, 2004

I played it for a month, and frankly the most fun I had was hitting the random button on the costume designer for a half hour. Shame I didnt do any screen captures.
posted by skallas at 2:27 PM on November 5, 2004

And faithful to the culture of online games, I'm pretty sure this female hero is really a man.
posted by skallas at 2:29 PM on November 5, 2004

Weird. That link is a redirect. Second to last row, left.
posted by eyeballkid at 2:56 PM on November 5, 2004

Yeah. I sort of paused and enjoyed the Diva 7 shot myself. Quite accurate, even in physique... costume wise easy to match, but the thong was off.

Paragon Dragon wins for closest costume, closest pose, and closest background.
posted by linux at 3:16 PM on November 5, 2004

Oh, and by the way, this makes me even more unwilling to subscribe to a massive.
posted by linux at 3:16 PM on November 5, 2004

Hee. Reminds me that I havn't played in awhile. Need to get my Ice/Axe to 30!
posted by robocop is bleeding at 3:32 PM on November 5, 2004

Come on, Diva 7 isnt a player, she's a model someone hired or asked to pose for this contest.
posted by skallas at 3:34 PM on November 5, 2004

There are days I'm glad someone invented computer games to keep some poeple off the streets.
posted by biffa at 4:50 PM on November 5, 2004

All of a sudden this costume from Halloween at the Vogue here in Seattle makes a lot more sense to me (not being a gamer, I had no frame of reference to work from).
posted by djwudi at 9:24 PM on November 5, 2004

[this is awesome]
posted by chrid at 7:05 AM on November 7, 2004

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