Dub vs. Dubber
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EVIL/LIVE is a 28 minute edit of the first debate featuring Bush listening to and debating with himself. It may be broadcast, copied, distributed, edited etc. without permission. (170 MB / 635 MB) [via nettime]
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The download doesn't start for me.
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"Document contains no data."
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"I dunno, Jorge. You really think this P1-133 can handle the traffic of this file distribution? And shouldn't we add another 56k modem?"
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Archive.org has them.
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Thanks bitpart.

Large (665mb)
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Sorry, but I didn't really understand the point of that. I was expecting, given the premise, that he would be contradicting himself from side to side. If he did this, I missed it. All it did was present Bush's side without Kerry's, which actually made him sound even more sound. In short: he came across better in this "debate" than he did in any of the three real ones. (I only watched half, though.)
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The best remix I heard is Harry Shearer's Hard Work.
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Half-tempted to burn a copy and FedEx it to W at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington.

Wonder if anybody'd sign for it?
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