The company's called 86 The Onions. What do you expect?
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Cocoon. Rainbows. Diorama. Grass. Karaoke. Wedding. Dave. Apparently these are all ads for NEC. How they're promoting something, and what that something is, I haven't a clue. But they made me laugh. {movs, I think. via News Today}
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Excellent! Whatever it is, I'll buy it.
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Hutchinson 3G UK have a campaign with one single hook - irrelevant weirdness. (They're a mobile phone network.)
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The flash site linked on the page is even more bizzare. Anyone read Japanese?
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I read Japanese, but very badly. I skimmed the "Concept" secion, and it was a lot of buzzword driven marketing crap, like "becoming strong with ubiquitous [computing]." NEC has set up a company to research ubiquitous solutions.

Ubiquitous computing is basically the idea that computers will be everywhere in the near future. Sine the new IPv6 standard provides 655,570,793,348,866,943,898,599 addresses per square meter of the earths surface, this could conceivably happen.

It has been called the opposite of virtual reality, because where VR seeks to immerse the person in the computer's world, UC seeks to saturate the real world with computers.
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Wanna know how they managed to sell such a whacky campaign? The man behind it said it was easy as pie thanks to open minded in love with off-beat work Japanese clients. [full disclosure, my post on my ad-community site] >
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