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Is anyone getting just a little sick of Christopher Hitchens? I respect his right to differ from the my opinion on many issues, but every time he opens he mouth, as he did here recently on, he seems to be less concerned with the issues and more concerted with slamming "the left." Sure, some groups have come out of the woodwork and acted Hitchens accuses, but they do not represent "the left" (they are the vast minority) nor is the "the left" as monolithic Hitchens implies. As someone who at onetime actually respected Hitchens' intelligence, I am just a bit sick of his shrill and partisan tone. Is this the state of intellectual America? It's sad when Christopher Hitchens sounds the same as Fox News, John Ashcroft and George Bush. Memo to Hitchens: Most on "the Left" don't love terrorists and I'm sick of having to say this time and again simply because I believe in liberty and freedom and could not support the Iraq War.
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