We start to shri-ink when we hit that grill, you know we will!
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Wendy's Grill Skill [QuickTime] is a testament to training videos. They aim to educate and entertain. [originally via nassassin]
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my goodness! retrofilter is hott tonite!
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[this is good]
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It's times like this when I have to wonder if the 80s really happened or if they were just made up for our bemusement.
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this is the most awesomest instructional cooking video ever.
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Hard to believe this stuff was at some point enjoyed without irony.
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I worked the grill at Wendys back in 85. I was 17 and it was my first real job. We didn't have a video to train us. We had to learn from the manager -- that guy was such a dick! But the process was the same. I still cook burgers the same way at home [until I got the George Foreman grill].

The worst part of the gig was I'd get home from work felt as if I was dipped in hamburger grease. It was the worst 2 months ever. Not really, there was a cute girl there who on weekends would have to dress up like Wendy and give out balloons to the kids. She was hot. Not as hot as the Japanese Ronald but close.
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I worked at Wendy's back in 1991 and had to watch this training video. Thanks for the link -- now I can prove to people that the video actually exists.

My first attempt at the grill went like so:

Me: "Ok, so the juices are on top. I flip it right?"
Manager: "Don't try to fool yourself kid. It's blood."

Now, if I can just find the Cineplex Odeon video on Workplace Harrassment, my life will be complete.

p.s. xmutex: I don't think that stuff like this was ever enjoyed -- not in the way it was inteded to be anyway. We used to watch this video on our breaks and laugh our asses off.
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Now, if I can just find the Cineplex Odeon video on Workplace Harrassment, my life will be complete.

Fizz-ed, could you clue us in on the contents of that video for those of us not...er...um...privileged to work at Cineplex Odeon?
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That was mind-numbingly hideous.
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Now I'm hungry.
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Jonp72: Sure (apologies to everyone else for the long post).

Here are the three scenes that stick out the most in my mind.

1) In one scene, two male employees are leaning on a pool table (?!?) in the lobby reading a Playboy magazine. A female employee approaches them.

Female Employee: Hey, what are you guys reading?
Male Employee #1 (trying to hide Playboy): Nothing.
Female Employee: Is that an adult magazine?
Male Employee #2: So what if it is?
Female Employee: I find that offensive and it makes me feel uncomfortable.
Male Employee #1: Of course you do. Look at these girls, they're hot! (to Male Employee #2) Look at them and look at her. Look at them. Look at her. Etc...

Female employee stomps off upset.

The male employees are played as really sleazy -- which is actually the case for almost all of the male employees in the film. Except for the minority male workers, they're portrayed as nice guys who are always being unjustly discriminated against, like in 2:

2) Two employees (one white, one black) are working at a concession stand. As the line dissipates, the black clerk is freed to help the last customer. The customer seems hesitant and won't approach the counter, despite the employee's offer of service. The (white) manager arrives to see if everything is alright. The customer first tells him, "Oh, I don't mind waiting" and, on further prodding, whispers to the manager that she would rather wait for service from someone who is "you know, a little more like us."

3) Another sleazy male employee eyes up a new female concession worker while rubbing his chin in a very sinister way. The shots of him leering (esp. with the imposed “leering” subtitle) are worth the admission alone, but his come-ons push this one over the top.
I can't remember all of them, but the best was, "You know...I've worked here for a long time and I've never seen anyone fill out the uniform quite the way you do."

I seem to remember another scene where a male employee freaks out on a female employee who won't go on a date with him

Anyhow, describing the video does it little justice, it has to be seen to be believed. It makes the average Cineplex Odeon work environment look like Sin City.

If anyone has access to this, please, please contact me.
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Like "Super Bowl Shuffle" only with meat and worse rhymes.
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I saw this last year as part of a Found Footage Festival at the Coolidge Corner Theater in Brookline, MA. I've been looking for it online ever since... woohooo...
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the imposed “leering” subtitle

I never have been more intrigued by a single extra-contextual phrase as I am at this moment. I must see this film. I simply must.
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I've heard the song before--I've actually got the mp3 kicking around somewheres--but the sight of the actual video? THE HORROR!
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I bet I could get a gig at Wendy's tomorrow, especially with this on my resume.
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When I worked at McDonalds, we had a video that bemoaned the fact that the Restaurants never lived up to the ads. I borrowed it for a week because it was so funny.
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Like "Super Bowl Shuffle" only with meat and worse rhymes.

sounds like you haven't seen super bowl shuffle in a while. it's far worse, incredibly enough.
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Ah, good times, good times, birdherder. I, too, had my first job at Wendy's, back in 82, I think it was. We had a hot Wendy, as well. This was back in the day when Wendy's had bus-boy service. My Wendy's was next to the dollar theater in Charlotte, so it was the perfect junior-high date, and I was the dorky guy cleaning up in the dining room. Oh, God, what memories.

What I remember most about that job was being incredulous at how hard they expected us to work for our $3.15 an hour. That, and the grease, the ever-flowing river of grease, the grease that stuck to my glasses and coated my body, the grease that filled buckets that had to be slopped out in the mid-summer heat.

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