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RIP, Jhonn Balance (of Coil, and many other projects)
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Aw, damn....not another one!


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I have been absolutely staggered by this. Not surprised, as Jhonn's health has been iffy over the past few years, but deeply saddened. This hit the Coil mailing list this morning and I have been in a daze ever since. Thanks qDot for posting it here. Coil have been my favorite artists for 15 years now and it's hard to believe its over.
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Tragic. Coil made some of the deepest, most beautiful music I've ever heard.
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Argh. :( Well, crap.

Thanks for the musical and philosophical bravery, thanks for the truths, thanks for the magic.

I want to ask myself "why now!?" when the world seems to most need just that sort of healing chaos the most, but perhaps that's just it. Perhaps they need him now even more, for all of us.

We're all on loan here anyway, perhaps even more so for the likes of Jhonn. Enjoy the soup, Jhonn, become the fabric, don't hide in the depths. Ignite. Burn so bright it's unbearable.

"Every man and every woman is a Star."

(now listening to: NASA-Arab (extended mix), Windowpane (minimal mix), Coil vs. Eleph, Selections from Black Light District, Selections from Love's Secret Domain, more.)
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Love is the Sky...
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Wise words from the departing
Eat your greens, especially broccoli
Remember to say "thank you" for the things you haven't had
By working the soil we cultivate the sky
We embrace vegetable kingdom
The death of your father, the death of your mother
Is something you prepare for
All your life
All their life
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Just in case anyone doesn't know--the dots on this thread are meant to indicate that the posters are at a loss for words because of Mr. Balance's untimely demise, or else it's an ASCII evocation of the rocks left at a gravesite in the Jewish tradition (and perhaps others).

Now, the New York Post would probably, if it were to cover Mr. Balance's death, point out the dramatic irony of someone whose last name was "Balance" falling to his death indoors. But that would be wrong, of course.
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Heh, Someone had to point that connection out to me, as it hadn't even crossed my mind. Not that it's so entirely awful or anything, but probably just too distracted by the event itself. has a simple page up.

Weirdly, the friend who introduced me to Coil had his birthday Saturday. He was wearing a Coil T-shirt that day as well. He's a bit shook up.
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We (the editors of were up very late last night talking about Jhonn and Coil. Our thoughts on his passing can be read on the site. I'm surprised at how much it affected me, seeing that I didn't know him personally. We did exchange some letters in the early 90s - I'll cherish them.
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Now you see why,
I'm not scared to die.

I saw a vision of an angel
of the world lay down and die.

The earth full of ghosts now
ghosts that sweat and ghost that cry

instead of peace
just stop and cease
a final and a sweet release
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damn. damn. damn. one of the most pioneering and innovative artists i've ever admired is gone.

Aye! feast! rejoice! there is no dread hereafter. There is the dissolution, and eternal ecstasy in the kisses of Nu.
- Liber AL II:44

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Saturday night I was spinning records at Diabolique, Philadelphia's annual fet/rubber ball. My 5 hour set started with a mash-up of "Are You Shivering?" which segued, 15 minutes later, into CTI's "The Need."

Later on I played (of course) Coil's "Tainted Love" and (for the sake of those rubberists needing to dance) "Windowpane."

Say a prayer, cast a spell, *whatever* (wink) for Peter right now...and may the goddesses bless the vultures who are taking care of Mr. Balance.

The heaviness in my chest is incredible right now.
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When I was at school, he was a couple of years above me, and already involved in the music and life he committed himself to - co-producing a fanzine, playing in groups and spreading the Industrial word. When a group formed that I was a part of, he played on some of our tracks, wrote lyrics for us and generally promoted us. I never knew precisely why, but I was grateful and still am. It was a big part of my life at that time (not very much rock 'n roll mayhem, but a lot of nasty noises and recording, and submergence in the tape scene, the early 80s equivalent of website-'n'-mp3 distribution) and probably wouldn't have happened that way without all the work he did for us.
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artists have to die... it the whole reason they were artists to begin with.

im glad he's exhaled the last sigh
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Brainwashed Radio is streaming an all-Coil broadcast, as is my
live365 station.
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