Eat Poop You Cat!
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Eat Poop You Cat! is "a variant on the exquisite corpse family of games... The mutations can be hilarious. You don't have to 'know how to' draw. You don't have to 'know how to' write. Just keep the papers moving, until the space is used up."
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I used to have a huge stack of papers with Eat Poop You Cat games on them, but I think I may have lost them in my recent move. Last year at thanksgiving we played with about 13 people, and my dad was laughing so hard I thought he was gonna have a heart attack. So, if you enjoy dying, I heartily recommend this game! :)
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We call it the Ferry Game because you can play it in the car while waiting for a Seattle ferry. All you need is paper and a pen.

Best EPYC line we ever started with: "Old Croatian proverb: In a land of many pants, a man will call for a shirt."
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EPYC came up in the Exquisite Corpse thread several years ago. That was the first I'd heard of it, and I've had great fun playing it my family and friends. It's probably the funniest game I've ever played. I too have a bundle of game papers that I've been meaning to scan. Thanks for reminding me, and thanks for spreading the good word!
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It is indeed a funny, funny game. Highly recommended. (And I can't draw worth a damn.)
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This one is laughtastic.
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It's a good game to play when you're sitting around over holidays sort of chatting but sort of wanting a half-assed focal point to the evening if you're just damned tired of talking. Good for medium to biggish sized groups where people don't know each other too well.
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Funny, reminds me of This old thread
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