I love Scotch! (Unrelated, but true.)
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Flashy Cars, Flashier Avatars: Each project looks remarkably similar, but the differences are enough to provide hours and hours of fun, be those hours in the combat-oriented venue of Sherwood, the rodent slaughter of the Ratinator, the sparkling conversations and fast cars of Marian's World, or what have you. Enjoy. [Incidentally, it's hard for me to imagine this hasn't been posted yet, but I looked, really I did, and I didn't see it.]
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hey, that's pretty cool... thanks!
posted by deliquescent at 4:12 PM on November 20, 2004

That was way cool. Hard to break away from it.
Thanks for posting it.
posted by dougkess at 4:36 PM on November 20, 2004

I tried Sherwood and Marian's World. All I did was run around a lot, get killed by spiders and watch preteens have cybersex. Am I missing something?
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I played Sherwood. It was very cool to play, but I wasn't sure what it was I was trying to accomplish. I looked for rules, background, etc, but couldn't find anything? The graphic world is pretty stunning. Thanks for the post.
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Gah, it's all shockwave. It looks like fun, but I'm on linux...
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Jeepus Christ, look at the title font at MaidMarian.com. It reminds me of a certain movie i vowed never ever to see.

This Maid Marian wears woad and kills men with scissor-kicks!
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It's great. The moon one is surreal. You go there look at moon stuff and some 12 year old calls you a fag. Just like the real moon!
posted by joelf at 10:12 PM on November 20, 2004

IM on a fancy playground. Sounds about right.
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