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X-explorersweb - Articles and information on key figures, events, news and technology in the world of adventure, exploration and science. Read explorer gossip like the guy who climbed Everest 6 times, and beat up his Sherpa wife in Base Camp. List of current polar expeditions. Links to ongoing Ocean explorations. Expedition technology and lots more.
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The "explorer gossip" link was one of the stranger stories I've read recently. Who is that guy? He sounds like an asshole...
posted by rooftop secrets at 3:23 AM on November 21, 2004

Yeah, big mountains take big egos, but that guy's over the cliff. Other Everest dispatches also available here.
posted by geologic time includes now at 12:37 PM on November 21, 2004

Walking up that choss pile doesn't take a big ego, it takes a big wallet and not much else.
posted by alpinist at 5:02 PM on November 21, 2004

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