He dug a shallow grave and buried his shirt
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The outrageous Frank Harris, the inimitable Amanda McKittrick Ros, and the unlovely Webster Edgerly, and much more.
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Alfred Armstrong is also the author of this:

Banjos and canoes and white waters racin'
Inbreedin' locals who're weirdly men-acin'
Shotguhns and bugg'ry and accents with twangs -
These are a few of mah favorite thangs.

Huntin' down strangers with lily white asses
Catchin' em nappin' in sheer mountain passes
Makin' one squeal like a piggy - hot dang!
That is exactly mah favorit thang!

When the dog barks,
When the bee stangs
When I'm feelin' mad
I simply remember your purty lil' mouth
And then I don't feel sooo baaaad ....
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fun--thanks! i want a copy of Home-Made Gadgets Mag
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Ah, yes, Frank Harris's My Life and Loves. Definitely one for connoisseurs of the absurd and the long-winded -- Harris almost acquires a kind of shabby grace by the end of it, by virtue of the sheer quantity of vociferous boasting and colourful lies therein. Bonus -- he funny.
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Cool! Thanks, kenko.
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Meet Irene is a piece of broad mockery posing as a review of Irene Iddesleigh: in particular Wyndham Lewis makes great sport of the woodcuts by W. M. R. Quick which were added to the Nonesuch Press edition, depicting Irene and Sir John Dunfern. He is greatly exercised by the way that Dunfern's trousers were drawn, the bagginess of which he finds "simply incredible". He explains the superior attractiveness of Irene's lover, Oscar Otwell, by presuming that Oscar "pressed his trousers under the bed".
-from Amanda McKittrick Ros article

Ooooooo, burn!
I wish I could find said woodcut, I'd like to see just how "simply incredible" the cut of those trousers really is.
Also, be sure to check out the longest sentence ever at the bottom of the page
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