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The Okinawa digital archive is a collection of images, video and narrative about the rich culture, history and ecology of the Ryukyu Islands. There's so much more to karate's birthplace than the famous, landscape-dominating military bases -- from music and dance to castles to a language and identity distinct from mainland Japan. Be sure to check out the picture gallery, searchable and sorted by region. [MI]
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If Wonder Okinawa’s flash interface is strange or off-putting, try the text site.

For scholarly or reference information, try The Ryukyuanist or Okinawa Jiten (encyclopedia). Oh yes: there are Okinawa bloggers, too.
posted by jeffmshaw at 12:54 PM on November 23, 2004

Make sure you enjoy it while you can, because it seems that Okinawa is the subject of a joint US-Japanese plot to take every inch of the Ryukyus for military bases.

The proposed Marines base offshore, which happens to be in one of the last remaining dugong habitats in the world, appears to be the latest on the to-do list.

But I guess you knew about that.
posted by norm at 1:18 PM on November 23, 2004

Jeff, this is a good post. Thank you.
I found the first site to be difficult to navigate, so I will have to check it out more later. But from the other links, I learned about this neat place. The pictures really are appealing. Make me wish I had a vacation planned soon.

posted by Seth at 1:57 PM on November 23, 2004

If Wonder Okinawa’s flash interface is strange or off-putting, try the text site
posted by jeffmshaw at 2:54 PM CST on November 23

Heh. Should have read the more inside before I commented on the post.
posted by Seth at 1:59 PM on November 23, 2004

Thanks for this one, Jeff; Okinawa is one of my favorite places in the world; many more people should get involved in trying to save its perishing beauty from the military, the developers and the NIMBY neglect of Japan.
posted by ronin21 at 5:07 PM on November 23, 2004

I have fond memories there, growing up as a kid. My folks were stationed there for about 3 years at Kadena Air Base. They were DoDDs teachers and I was a brat, well a civilian brat, I guess. As opposed to military brats. Many military dependents resided there for up to 4 years if my memory serves me. It's been awhile. I'm talking early 1970-1972.
posted by alteredcarbon at 6:17 PM on November 23, 2004

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