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Federal Business Opportunities

Ever wanted to know where all your tax dollars really go? Mosey on over to and search the nice little database they've got there for all those federal business opportunities you just can't wait to bid on....How about making a wearable computer for the Navy? Want to perform for the USO? How about getting paid to surf the intarwebs to defeat the terrorists? The Special Operations Command has the job for you! Looking to unload 30 million tons of beef? You've got a buyer! Gather wild horses for the Dept of Ag! Haul carcasses in the search for mad cow disease! Oh, and by the way, the Iraqi Army needs some clarinets...
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This is really cool, though like almost all government websites, the content is nearly unparsable. Now to figure out how to get some of those sweet, sweet contracts...
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All of a sudden I have the urge to wear a suit with question marks all over it and SCREAAAAAMMMMM.
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And for all you advanced entrepreneurial types, to really dig in to the federal feeding trough, go find yourself a "Native Corporation" to fron . . . errr partner with you, and get on the no-bid contract gravy train. It's amazing how fast these Alaskan natives are picking up high tech know-how.
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i am totally going to start calling my friends "bizopps".
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Fourteen years in Government procurement qualifies me to comment on this link. I spent ten years buying food for the Defense Logistics Agency, a DoD component that is responsible for all consumables used by the armed forces. We have our own version of FedBizOps, no duplication in the Federal Gov't , right?

We supply food, clothing, medical supplies, hardware - you name it, we got it. For five years I bought canned fruits and vegetables and then switched to MREs, with apologies to anyone who ever wore a uniform.

Now I'm on a five year project to replace our legacy systems with SAP, but that is a whole 'nother story.

We are required by law to publicize every contracting action, with a few exceptions (sole source contracts, national security/secrecy). They used to be published in a daily newspaper called the Commerce Business Daily. We're a little more web-savvy and they all go online at FedBizOps.

There are still some relatively unsophisticated vendors who use other contractors to plow through the listings for them. We buy lots of fresh fruit and vegetables from farmers who pay a percentage of their contract price to other firms who take care of responding to solicitations, help with invoicing, etc.
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