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Thinner/Autoplate is the real deal: a netlabel that doesn't suck. Ambient/dub/minimal house/drone/experimental sounds that'll turn your home into the chillout room of a Finnish club at 5 am. Or at least pleasantly buzz in the background while you read. Sixty-five releases, high-quality bit rates, zipped files, creative commons licence -- the site itself is very nicely done. But more importantly, the music is just freakin' good, for fans of this sort of thing of course. For a taster, try the excellent ambient dub mix (125MB) or the more beat-oriented house standard mix (95MB). The label chief explains the rationale behind giving the music away in an interview here.
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Mmmm, yes. Thanks(giving)!
posted by adamgreenfield at 11:14 AM on November 25, 2004

By law, Finnish clubs close by 4am.
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Hehe. In Los Angeles, by law, you're not allowed to sell alcohol (or even allow people to consume alcohol) in a club after 2am. That's why there are afterhours.

Downloading, mmm. Thanks dydecker.
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Not to get off topic, but what are the laws in various countries regarding that? I know in DC my roommate regularly stays out until 6am, and I seem to remember Berlin still being rather lively at about the same time.
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I love Thinner - I've been downloading their releases since #1 hit the net. My favorite is still rktic's northern lights - gorgeous, ethereal minimalist stuff that makes you feel like you're sitting in the cocoon-like softness of a midnight snowfall.

The Internet Archive hosts a massive amount of netlabel music - all of it free and legal to download. And if you have some phat bandwidth, let's not forget Legal Torrents, which has a lot of prominent netlabel music torrents - including Thinner. The fact that so much great music is available free of charge - available simply for the sake of enjoying - is something I have genuinely been thankful for, many years now. :-)
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Beautiful. Lacking in bandwidth, grabbing this stuff will be a six month project for me, but I'm sure it's worth the wait.
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I downloaded the early thinner releases and then forgot about them completely. Thank you for reminding me. This is good. :-)
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Mono211 is another great net label.
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It didn't occur to me to look for Holger Flinsch music outside the Internet Archive. All hail dydecker!
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Great! Thanks dydecker.
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oooh, netlabel == 'Internet Record Label'.
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Thanks. Is there any kind of list of what's in the mixes you linked to (in case I want more)? I didn't see anything on the Thinner site, though maybe I haven't looked around enough yet...
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klausness: here and here.
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London clubs at the weekend: buying booze stops at 2am, serious clubs wrap up at 6am. Normally there's half an hour of milling around before the Tube starts up again.

Guy goes up to the bar in The ***, London and asks, "What's the cheapest way of getting fucked around here?" Barwoman laughs and replies "Pills, obviously..."
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A 125Mb MP3? Ouch.
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Huge mp3s rule. You must have a tiny drive.
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Oh, and it's like a DJ set or something. It's not a 3 minute engineered for radio pop choon. ;)
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Compared to previous Mefis' posts, Paris is a sweet spot. No rules, club like Rex Club can close late in the morning (already left it a 7am), and booze can flow endlessly (if you can afford thro).
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Another beautiful internet label is firemusic It has dj mixes and some original electronic space jazz /hiphop.
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Belated thanks - this is great!
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