but the ending still sucks
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HalfLife 2 Case. I want one.
posted by bargle (18 comments total)
Liquid cooled w/ 5 fans! Some serious heat control! Anyone find any specs on what kind of overclocking necesitates that much cooling?
posted by dirvish at 2:53 PM on November 28, 2004

See also:

Black Mesa
posted by bargle at 2:57 PM on November 28, 2004

Geeks discover faux finishing techniques, news at 11.
posted by milovoo at 3:14 PM on November 28, 2004

Good lord. If I had that much time on my hands...

Someone get this person a job as a Hollywood art director.
posted by Dr. Wu at 3:15 PM on November 28, 2004

If I had that much time on my hands...

I myself would make one hellish rusted mess trying to replicate PilouX's brilliant case mods. But not before I bled all over the parts, spawned a mountain of cracked plastic and twisted metal, and endured several minor explosions of solvents and hot coffee grinds.
posted by edverb at 3:30 PM on November 28, 2004

I love cool case mods. I'm not willing to do the work to own one, but they're like tricked out cars, they're cool to look at.
posted by dejah420 at 4:47 PM on November 28, 2004

I might have missed it, but did it say anywhere how long these took him? I remember when he was making the original Black Mesa case and was very impressed then. This new one though...wow. I have to say, that looks great.

I'm with dejah420; these kind of thing look great, but I don't think I'd ever be able to put that much work into one (not to mention I think that individual is far better at modding than I could ever be). Once again, wow.
posted by Stunt at 4:57 PM on November 28, 2004

what happens when HL2 is no longer the favorite game? does he do a new case mod everytime a new GR8e5T G4M3 EVARRR!!11!!! comes out?

posted by zombiejesus at 5:25 PM on November 28, 2004

Some people need lives. Cool looking, but too game specific. What zombiejesus said basically (except don't put your initials after the post zj, no need to be cute).
posted by rooftop secrets at 6:18 PM on November 28, 2004

I think it is great. The game was great as well. Don't quite see how you can belittle a project like this by saying "it'll date itself when hl2 isn't number one anymore".
posted by nightchrome at 7:14 PM on November 28, 2004

I'm with dejah (and I am only vaguely aware of what HalfLife is). That's just cool looking, and couldn't be completed without some skill.
posted by jennyb at 7:19 PM on November 28, 2004

so half life is the new star trek?
posted by nola at 9:30 PM on November 28, 2004

This is really no different from people who spend a lot of time tricking out their cars, or their homes, or whatever. This guy just wanted a HL2 case, and I say bravo for a hellacious job.

Wish I knew how to do that.
posted by TeamBilly at 11:01 PM on November 28, 2004

nah Nola, people who play HL2 still have half a chance of getting laid.

posted by Keyser Soze at 4:07 AM on November 29, 2004

Yeah, that motherfucker is just wasting his precious time. He should be using that time doing really constructive things, like snarking at others' hobbies in a community weblog, for example.
posted by adampsyche at 5:29 AM on November 29, 2004

Martha Stewart meets the gamer set.
posted by picea at 6:40 AM on November 29, 2004

He posted this originally in February, so not only is it very game-specific, but at the time it was a game plagued with development delays and had the possibility of just being an overhyped disappointment.

Still, nice work. But I bet that mouse is uncomfortable.
posted by Foosnark at 7:02 AM on November 29, 2004

I'm so getting HL2 tomorrow...
posted by nthdegx at 8:10 AM on November 29, 2004

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