Hot Holidays
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Hot Sauce for christmas? I'm sure this one would be perfect for the mother in law. But the list of hottest hot sauces worries me. I don't know about you but the fact that there are hot sauces out there that are hotter then regular pepper spray scares me just a little bit.
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Have you met "The Man" at Dixies?

One person in our party got up and ran inside for water, prompting The Man to yell after her, "Where you going lady! Where you going!"
posted by three blind mice at 7:33 AM on November 29, 2004

I know a guy who loooooves hot stuff. It amazes me to think that I have actually watched this guy consume something that is actually 3 times as hot as DEFENSE PEPPER SPRAY FOR BEARS. HOLY SHIT.
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This madness will only stop when someone bottles pure capsaicin & markets it as Crazy Satanic Bleeding-Ass Death Powder.
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I think that's what Blair's 6 A.M. is. Pure Capsaicin - it's supposedly 16 Million Scoville Units.
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Crazy Satanic Bleeding-Ass Death Powder? Sounds like a challenge to me!

Really, most of this stuff is not meant to be used in visible amounts. If you want something that you use a few drops of, go for Dave's Insanity or Blair's Sudden Death. Both are still hot enough to be very macho, but leave enough of your tongue left to appreciate that there is a good flavor to them. Amongst spice lovers, Tabasco is considered no better than vinegar.

My normal limit is Thai cooking with the peppers. Tasty, natural, and more than painful enough to fill my spice kick for quite a while. I'll pass on the rectum-damn-near-killed-him sauces, thank you very much.
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More here.
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After posting about the spice-roulette, I was actually able to find one. Sadly, I was not the person who got the hot bullet, but I was told it was only medium spicy.
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Birds unimpressed, squirrels shudder.
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