Th-th-th-that's a lot of title cards, folks!
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The Warner Bros. Cartoons Filmography And Title Card Gallery has more title cards and coloured rings than you can shake a carrot at. A great resource that goes hand-in-hand with this and this for all your Looney Tunes-related research.
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I can't believe the first link is not a double post, but searching the site (and Google) yield nothing, so enjoy!
posted by Robot Johnny at 8:53 AM on November 29, 2004

So that's what the Blue Ribbon was: just a way of introducing a rerun!
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T'anks for the links, Robot Johnny.

One of my favorite Looney Tunes sites (one which I actually use in my research quite a bit) is this gallery of WB inside jokes. Lots of good stuff there for toonheads.

To download some WB WWII cartoons (including the terrific Scrap Happy Daffy; regrettably, in .ra format), go here.

And big props to animation historian Michael Barrier, whose book on Hollywood animation is THE definitive word on the subject.
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Another critical element of any serious researcher's toolkit has to be Looney Tunes Sounds...

I used to have a couple of LP records of the soundtracks from various episodes as a kid, and the audio alone evoked the entire experience. Awesome.
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Fairmettle -- music is available on CD courtesy the Carl Stalling Project volumes one and two.
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[This is a great post]
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This is fantastic!
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Yep, I'll vouch for the sound source site and the Carl Stalling Project CDs. Quite cool.

And while we've covered this before, anyone interested in the music should check out Raymond Scott, who wrote about a dozen themes (MP3) that Stalling used to great effect (and which were burned into our collective brains). I recommend the CD Reckless Nights & Turkish Twilights.

A few relevant previous MeFi posts (just for everyone's reference, not complaining!):
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Hmm, the ACME Catalog thread doesn't come up, but here's the Google cache.
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Thanks for the addtional links, pmurray63 (and Dr.Wu)! Especially the Raymond Scott -- Powerhouse is one of my favourite instrumentals of all time.
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