Four Men and a Dream
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Octoroon Jihad the greatest band you never heard greatest band you will never hear. This web site has interviews, a discography, a tour schedule and of course the band's manifesto and bios. If there were some music files on this site, I'd almost believe it.
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Hilarious. You know, I actually played at one of those concert venues: the Student Center in Ft. Collins.
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To our fans, we are truth tellers.
To the recording industry at large, we are a bunch of hacks.
To the women's volleyball team at Western Michigan University, we are gods.
But to me, we are chemists.

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What is the square root of beatdown?
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Octoroon... isn't that the Color of Magic, according to Terry Pratchet??

No, wait... octoroon is "A person whose ancestry is one-eighth Black."
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Suffice it to say that they all look like people that would be reading this right now.
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More info here.
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My personal vote for the best band you never heard of is The Jim Weider Band. Jim played lead guitar in "The Band" for 15 years and now tours the East with his own band, playing in small venues with limited covers.

I have heard them four times and each time they got the entire house rocking. Usually they play for no cover or for a very small cover.

They play their own tunes and do covers of The Stones, The Band, Creedance Clearwater Revival, Bob Dylan and others.
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