Americans 'have more sex'.
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Americans 'have more sex'. No, that's not a order. But according to Durex, you're meant to be getting it more often, at a younger age. Does this say "as much about bragging as actual sexual behaviour"? Or are we just being led to think that "we are strange if we aren't thinking about sex all the time", as this Salon piece suggests?
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16.4 years - I find that really sad and disturbing. I'm only 2 years past that, and the level of maturity and wisdom has grown exponentially since then. Then again, stats and numbers don't mean shit - especially when you find out later they gave this survey at Slutville High.
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Beware self reported data. What this tells us is just that Americans like to brag about having sex more than other people. I'm French and I refute that report. We do have more sex than other people!
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I would like to know if the survey took sex with foreigners into consideration. What about all those Americans having sex with the Greeks. Or the French with the Russians? If these scenarios were considered, was it like hockey, where in the event of overtime, each team is given at least one point in the standings? Does each respective country get to claim the sexual act? Would the nationality of a particular sex designate who could score the claim? The male? The female? And would the French be the only ones allowed to call dibs on a ménage à trois?
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A good kiss is more erotic than any act of coitus. Just my opinion.BTW, if men got laid as much as they claim to get laid, civilization would collapse because everyone would be too busy fucking!
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Hankins you make some excellent points.

Something i wondered about...if this is a Durex survey, perhaps people buying condoms in america were the main subjects of the survey. Stands to reason that people buying condoms are having sex, or at least expecting to...more so than people who aren't?
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A good kiss is more erotic than any act of coitus. Just my opinion.

Hear, hear.

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