Make your own 12 sided calendar
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Bored at work ?, pick a shape/year and put that printer at work to good use and make your boss a 12 sided calendar.
posted by meowchow (16 comments total)
Bored at work, yes.

But not that bored.
posted by centerpunch at 6:19 PM on November 30, 2004

[This is cool.]

but I can't cut a straight line
posted by WolfDaddy at 6:31 PM on November 30, 2004

DUAL USE: It's ALSO a 12-sided die. Next time my boss taps my shoulder, I'll just roll back the calendar and yell "Save! Assignment deflected!"
posted by dougunderscorenelso at 6:32 PM on November 30, 2004

I like it. But I'm too lazy. Plus I'm at home now.
posted by BradNelson at 8:06 PM on November 30, 2004

That's pretty cool. I made one for my wife. She likes. We're geeky that way.
posted by AstroGuy at 8:11 PM on November 30, 2004

Client calling.

'So you want an appointment - hmmm - let me roll my calendar dice to see what month ...'

Brilliant link, thanks!
posted by homodigitalis at 8:49 PM on November 30, 2004

That's awesome. I'm totally going to hang a few of those babies from my ceiling.
posted by DrJohnEvans at 9:11 PM on November 30, 2004

doug_nelso: Saving throws are done on a d20, not a d12.

It is however, the perfect damage dice for a Greataxe (but only against medium sized monsters).
posted by Jerub at 10:35 PM on November 30, 2004

Hooray for Barbarian classes? *geeks merrily off into the time slip*
posted by jenovus at 10:58 PM on November 30, 2004

MetaFilter is totally going to get me fired.
posted by mexican at 11:27 PM on November 30, 2004

Just did it, it looks nice, and I did it on the super thick paper he says doesn't work (it did, although it was tough and looks a little... uhh... I'm not being PC here... retarded).
posted by shepd at 12:56 AM on December 1, 2004

If you download the Postscript file, you can edit it to set whichever dates you want to be highlighted (bold red, or blue bordered).
posted by yt at 1:46 AM on December 1, 2004

Ultimate MeFi post! "Best of the web" indeed.
posted by phrontist at 6:04 AM on December 1, 2004

Mine printed with odd symbols instead of months.

Cool. That'll freak out the coworkers even more.
posted by Shane at 6:48 AM on December 1, 2004

I tried the rhombic one, and it must not have centered right on my printer - the folds cut off the calendar a bit.
posted by Karmakaze at 6:50 AM on December 1, 2004

OK. I feel less stupid now. The site is in Norway and the rhombic dodecahedron is meant to be printed on A4 paper. No wonder it didn't work for me.

Now, there is the question ... do I want to figure out how to fix the proportions...?
posted by Karmakaze at 7:32 AM on December 1, 2004

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