Eulogy of George W. Bush
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Eulogy of George W. Bush A comic of a far-right debate show hosted by Jerry Falwell and Pat Buchanan looks back on the presidency of George W. Bush in 2024. See them also debate Gay, Marriage, The Pledge, and Private Security in Iraq. Also, you might want to see as special guest Donal Rumsfeld Discovers Catch-22!
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Not bad, except for the fact that Pat Buchanan actually has always been against the war in Iraq.
posted by fungible at 7:53 AM on December 1, 2004

And that very issue actually seems to have been addressed in this one: Pat, You're Fired!
posted by flarbuse at 7:58 AM on December 1, 2004

And this just isn't funny. Could we get some shading or hatching, please?
posted by angry modem at 8:29 AM on December 1, 2004

Some of it's a little heavy-handed, but I still laughed a bit. "Tell it to Allah, Haji!"
posted by dougunderscorenelso at 8:49 AM on December 1, 2004

Like The Onion, only bitter.

No... nothing like The Onion....
posted by Steve_at_Linnwood at 8:53 AM on December 1, 2004

posted by Plinko at 8:58 AM on December 1, 2004

This is nothing like The Onion, which makes fun of everyone wherever fun is to be made. They're anti-stupid, which is a much better approach than this comic takes.
posted by orange swan at 9:04 AM on December 1, 2004

Flarbuse: Gah, I clicked most of them but not that one. Still doesn't make up for why "Pat" acts like a hawk in all the other strips.
posted by fungible at 9:11 AM on December 1, 2004

I like the title "I don't see dead people". Heh.
posted by xammerboy at 9:14 AM on December 1, 2004

Yep, the Onion is soooo neutral.... The capacity of people to rationalize their affection for something that they "ought" to hate (if they're being consistent in their views) never ceases to amaze me. I keep thinking of Spike Lee and John Turturro in Do the Right Thing.

The Pat B character is a bit inconsistent with Pat Buchanan's actual positions, though....
posted by lodurr at 10:54 AM on December 1, 2004


I vote we execute all editorial cartoonists.
posted by kavasa at 2:19 PM on December 1, 2004

posted by TwelveTwo at 2:55 PM on December 1, 2004

I was going to laugh at these, but with no shading or hatching it hardly seems worth it. Actually, I thought these were really funny. Some people have mentioned that these cartoons are in fact not consistent with reality. Which is kind of what I thought one of the benefits of cartoons was, but...
posted by nTeleKy at 6:27 AM on December 3, 2004

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