Free Will Astrology
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Tired of the same old boring stars? ("Thursday is a good day to plan something; an unexpected financial bonus may occur late in the week"). Then take a look at Free Will Astrology, quirky snippets of crazy wisdom drawn from all manner of sources, from Persian poets to Frank Zappa.
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Free Will astrology is singularly responsible for my meeting my current wife. 100% totally the thing that made the difference. Can't say that I put much faith in anything like this *except* this, say what you will. Rob Brezney saved my life.
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As an Aquarius, I've always appreciated Brezney's meandering, take-what-you-will advice; thanks for reminding me that this exists.
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As a Scorpio, I prefer hiding my own emotions and hate mawkishnesses. Be precious with me!
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As an Aries, I don't give a shit. Wait, that probably has nothing to do with me being an Aries.

Curious though, since I read this exact same horiscope in this week's Folio Weekly (JAX, FL). Spooky.
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yeh...the horoscopes are actually syndicated to heaps of different newspapers etc, so i was kinda surprised that they have apparently not been posted on mefi before.

i first came across them in a freebie inner-city sydney rag - which i used to pick up mainly for the horoscopes - and just assumed they were the work of a local. then the rag went under & i mourned the end of the weekly wisdom, until i came across Rob's book, twigged that it must be the same author & set about googling...
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Rob Brezsny is an interesting guy. He's a tall man, bespectacled with Lennonesque glasses, and has always looked, to me, surprisingly like Bacchus. Combine these elements with the wisdom of a Buddhist monk, the playfulness of the mythic trickster, and just a dash of Harvard MBA and you come pretty close to capturing the guy.

I used to know him fairly well during the late '80s/early '90s. He had a local band called World Entertainment War that did benefits for our station and was actually quite good. He also did Real Astrology for the Metro Newspaper in downtown San Jose, and occasionally did interesting / amusing presentations to small groups of people, encouraging them to come up front and ritually burn their money, or do other things that they otherwise wouldn't do. They didn't regret it.

It's been amusing to me to see how popular he's gotten since then. I can't seem to go two weeks without someone I know on LiveJournal citing their latest Free Will Astrology horiscope.

I don't believe in astrology, but I believe in Rob.
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bandwidth killed the zodiac star, but here's a google cache.
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In Ottawa's local alternative weekly, we get this Free Will Astrology alongside some good ol' Savage Love. It's a delightful one-two punch. Especially when I'm bored of reading the sometimes banal student weekly at my university.
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* wonders if should google "savage love" at work...?
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Good one, moonbird! (Though it seems to be okay now.)

If I recall correctly, Free Will Astrology was one of the very first fun things I stumbled across after getting an internet connection, so this is one of those great Granddaddy sites that it is nice to be reminded of. I'll have to remember to check in more often - though for this week he tells me I should make love with a paper bag over my head. (What does he think I've been doing for the last 20 years?)
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I used to read Free Will Astrology religiously when I would pick up an alternative weekly. But about six years ago, I was introduced to Kramer's Fishing Guide to the Stars, and eventually I stopped reading Rob Brezny. Kramer's writing style is more conversational than Brezny's, but both astrologers go far beyond the one-liner forecasts syndicated in daily papers.
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