MTV Meets Military History Channel
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You got your Outkast in my Sun Tzu Weaponry, military, and war footage set to music. Although the author believes Enya did the song Adiemus, the target practice video is kind of interesting. I couldn't find any videos set to Peace Train, however.
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from the FAQ:

11. When will you make one about North Korea, Iran, or other country?
I pay close attention to what goes on around the world but I don't want to "beat the war drums" as they say. I only made "Bomb Saddam", once war was clearly imminent and I'll probably take the same approach to future conflicts.

Uh-huh. And:

14. Are you available to do freelance work?
I've done side projects for a major defense contracting company and the Department of Defense as freelance work. Right now I simply don't have the free time to take on any more projects but maybe that will change one day.

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great psy-op stuff, hope jihadies are watchin'
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Wow, the government doesn't even have to spend money on propaganda anymore, the citizens do it for them.
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this is some sick shit
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I watched the blur (target practice) one. It's a pile of steaming cack [IMHO]
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Finally a video dedicated to the awesome work of the US Coast Guard and Coast Guard Reserve!

Well, it's about goddamn time.
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aisforal: It's a pile of steaming cack

What's your objection to it? Don't like Blur? Don't like bombs? Just wanted to get past that first comment hurdle?
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Blur are fine, bombs a little less so. My problem with this vid - its just badly done. The timing is atrocious, it keeps trying to hit the mark, and misses by a mile - a bit like the bombs.
Happy first comment to you too.
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It took me a moment to realize this wasn't a parody. I mean, Coast Guard Reserve?
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Well, actually I don't see any difference between these videos , action tv and movies like 'Saving Private Ryan'.

Modern pop culture has this strange addiction of mixing brutality and aesthetics. You can't show two people making love on tv during prime time, but it's oke to frag someone in slowmotion.

That is the truly weird thing!
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Hi, this site is all about the military, the REAL MILITARY. This site is awesome. My name is Grouchy and I can't stop thinking about the military. These guys are cool; and by cool, I mean totally sweet.
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I had an Air Force jet technician renting a room where I live about 6 months ago. He showed me these videos and got this big dumb glazed look in his eyes watching it. He would yelp "whoo hoo" and "this rocks" and I was just amazed at how utterly imbicilic the whole thing was.

Then there was a childhood friend that I had run into after he had joined the marines and spend some time in Afghanistan. "Yah I get paid to do the same shit now that I used to get in trouble for when I was a kid. And I shot some guy in the ass." Just makes me wonder.

And before anyone accuses me of spitting our troops let me just say that i have a cousin in fajullah right now.
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